View Full Version : Icemat and Logitech G5?

11-28-05, 11:12 AM
Will the Logitech G5 mouse track properly on the Icemat Rev2 surface? A friend of mine is looking into using these two items together but read one of the user reviews on newegg that seemed to indicate they didn't get along.

Anyone try this combo yet?

11-28-05, 11:20 AM
Yea they don't work. There was recently a Logitech Fimware update for the G5... so things may have changed now.

11-28-05, 11:28 AM
Hrmm.... Well that sucks. My 510 loves the Icemat. :D

Wonder if that firmware fixed the problem or not.

11-28-05, 11:51 AM
It probably fixes the problem... this is the only info I could find on it:

Firmware the update 1,1 repairs scanning problems on different Mauspads with the Logitech G5 laser mouse. Assistance for installation to the update gives it with Logitech .

11-28-05, 12:26 PM
The Func1030 pad works ok with the G5, in case he needs an alternative. Without trying to sound too negative, I've not been impressed with the G5 and have gone back to the MX510. For some reason, I can't get the thing to aim accurately. It's either too sensitive or not sensitve enough, I can't get the sideways buttons on the scroll wheel to map in Quake 4 and the wheel itself is a bit big, I use the scroll wheel button as Rocket Launcher and I keep ending up with machine gun because it moves forward instead of pressing down, probably blaming it for my lack of Quake Skills :D but I have to say I prefer the previous one I had, it had more buttons, no silly weight cartridge and I could actually hit something with it.

11-28-05, 12:32 PM
I really like my 510. Best mouse I've owned so far (wired). I thought about trying a 518 but I would never use the extra features it has. I love the button layout on the 510, it's perfect for me.