View Full Version : geforce4 mx4000 and mobo problem

11-29-05, 03:40 AM
well the problem is fixed now. it was because my monitor cable was not so firmly plugged lol. (rudolf)

hi all. my geforce4 mx4000 is supposed to be 8x but my motherboard can only go to 4x. i've set the apeture to 128mb and fast write is disabled. i am currently using the 56.72 drivers since i read that the 61.72 drivers are for 8x cards. but now direct3d still wont work so which drivers should i use? ty.

edit: running an old game like diablo2 for instance using direct3d should be fine. but my screen cant display the textures. the game can still run. another game i tried was morrowind, it does load normally but the display is full of coloured lines like the screenshot i made below.

i'm soo frustrated with it cos when i first installed the card i could play those games without display problems. then i updated to 81.95 it stopped working. reinstalling drivers and reformatting the drive doesnt work. T_T

11-29-05, 06:57 AM
The video driver control panel will properly report the maximum AGP speed your board is capable of, provided you have the correct drivers installed for your motherboard. You can use the latest official drivers in this case.

11-29-05, 07:03 AM
thx for reply! i tried alot of drivers. the latest 81.95 didnt work. i dun know what is happening but the direct3d test always show a spinning cube with strange texture. so all the 3d games cant show properly. :(

11-29-05, 08:27 AM
Check if ur mobo drivers are properly installed, specially the AGP one, in my ECS mobo the drivers need to be installed from the installation disk that came along, otherwise windows wont even ask for it nor will display it as a unknown device in the Hardware Administrator, if u have it all installed try updating ur mobo drivers in general . . .

11-29-05, 08:42 AM
i have installed the VIA agp3.0 drivers that came with the mobo. i checked the via arena website and they have no 4in1 drivers that are newer.