View Full Version : BAH! UBI.com Teh SuXoRz

01-07-03, 11:37 PM
So, I download the patch for Raven-Shield. Wouldn't you know it. I get an error when it tries to overwrite the RavenShield.exe. I had used a crack to override the registration of the previous demo. But, I had renamed the previous RavenShield.exe to RavenShield.exe.bak just in case. I then renamed it to the previous name and reran the patch. Guess what. I still got the same error. The fix? I had to download the new demo.

The new demo is installed, and I launch the ubi.com service. I then get a message that says the currently installed service is not compatible. Before the demo was instlalled, the service worked.

So, I fire up Netscape. I had forgotten that ubi is in bed with Mircosoft, so not having ActiveX with Netscape forces me to fire up Internet Excrement to install the ubi.com service to update the client. Little did I know that ubi.com can't program for boogers, and it doesn't just simply update the old client. I have to uninstall.

I'm so overzealous now. If the demo is this fun to install, I can't wait for the real thing.


01-08-03, 09:32 AM
If you had bothered to read the forums you would have found a simple fix. As for the Ubi client, I didnt have a problem at all with it, sounds like you just had bad luck, dont hold that against Ubi ;)