View Full Version : VoIP help needed (Urgently)

11-30-05, 06:23 PM
Greeting again my fellow geeks. Today's topic is:

Installing a Motorola VT1000v Series Voice terminal (VoIP device) on an ADSL internet connection.

I have tried all the possible different condifurations and ways to set it up, with no luck.
My guess is it's a problem with me having DSL rather than cable.

Here's a list of stuff I tried:

Calling tech support. They told me to disable DHCP (no idea what that is) and enable Bridge mode. According to my modem config., that is my current setup, however, the voice terminal setup says DHCP is enabled. :wtf:?
Tried both dynamic IP recognition as well as PPPoE through the voice terminal setup. PPPoE does not even let the terminal load up completely. Stuck at 2 out of 4 blinks
Tried both setups: calls prioritized (terminal before network switch) and non-prioritized (modem - switch - terminal)

I'm running out of ideas.... any suggestions are welcome.

ADSL modem model: ZINC AN1020-E
I live in Colombia, my internet provider is "ETB ADSL".