View Full Version : Intermittent "NTLDR missing" Error at startup...

12-01-05, 01:53 PM
I have been getting the NTLDR missing error intermittently since adding my second 7800GT, though I did do a fresh install and BIOS update at the same time so I can't directly corelate the two. I did revert back to the 1011 BIOS, but it is still occuring.

Zoomy recommended in another thread to up my memory voltage as my system load may be enough to cause a light voltage drop on the memory when everything is initializing. Good idea, but I have not tried that yet.

I am worried that despite the rated 36A on the 12V rail that my system may be hammering this PSU a little heavy. Checking in the BIOS for voltage levels, etc. the Asus show the 12V rail at 11.9, 3.3V at 3.2 and the 5V at 4.85. Whatcha think everyone?

12-01-05, 02:36 PM
This happened to me not so long ago. When playing FEAR or Quake4, the PC would reboot, and certain settings within the BIOS would change, notably boot disk priority. I was booting off a SATA drive, but after the crash, my primary IDE drive would be the first hard drive listed in the BIOS, so in the boot order, "Hard Drive" pointed to IDE. I haven't had a crash like that since I plugged in the EZ-Plug (before I got the 2nd GTX).

12-01-05, 03:49 PM
I have the EZ-Plug running, though that does somewhat corroborate the thought that I am low on juice. I'll bump the DDR voltage up a hair and see how the system responds.

Other than some setting inflicted reboots in COD2 which I eliminated by running the game in safe mode, I have been stable. I take that back, I locked on the desktop last night.

I got a bad feeling this PSU is slipping.

You have a very similar system, what are the voltage readings from your BIOS on the Antec, if you don't mind checking?

12-01-05, 04:05 PM
I'll post when I get home.

12-01-05, 08:33 PM
Upped to 2.7V and the NTLDR problem seems to have stopped. I have had random freezing tonight while trying to configure COD2. Something goofy is going on.

Going to reinstall drivers.

12-01-05, 08:39 PM
Voltages from BIOS:

3.3V = 3.28
5V = 4.99
12V = 11.90

Hope this helps.