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12-01-05, 02:34 PM
it's been a while sense I played a good'ol flight sim.

I'm looking for something with LOTS of eye candy that can take advantage of my rig. Something with a strong modding community would be great as well as online MP.

WWII is more my cup of tea, along with being able to use a standard KM and then possibly move up to a more elaborate control system.

I've also heard some good things about "head tracking", is it true?

Is there anything that fits my so called requirements or is there anything on the Harrison - no pun intended :)

12-01-05, 02:45 PM
IL2 Sturmovic - Forgotten Battles merged with the Ace Expansion Pack (addon) and Pacific Fighters, plus the latest "merge" patch (4.02m). It doesn´t get any better than that! :) This awesome WW2 sim also supports TrackIR, the popular head tracking device.

12-01-05, 03:01 PM
It looks like Pacific fighters is the main game and IL2 forgotten battles is a exp pack?

12-01-05, 03:08 PM
Yes and no, both IL2 Forgotten Battles AND Pacific Fighters are standalone games, ONLY "AEP" (Ace Expansion Pack) is an addon. You can merge all 3 and Pacific Fighters also introduced the beautiful VS3 water. Lets see if I can find some screenshots.

12-01-05, 03:09 PM
AFAIK IL2 Sturmikov was the original game, aces was an expansion to that, and pacific fighters was a further expansion, but pacific fighters was sold as a standalone game on its own also. I think that's it. :)

12-01-05, 03:12 PM
I posted some PF screenshots in the screenshot thread a while back (I think). Lots of Lock On but I'm pretty sure I included some PF.

12-01-05, 03:15 PM
Here's a shot someone posted at another site. There was a thread tracking SM3.0 games and the guy posted this shot for Pacific Fighters. The shot was mainly to show the improved water. I don't think I saved the regular water shot though.

Edit: Here are a couple I took.

Edit 2: Just so you know, I get some flickering and sometimes minor corruption at the start of a campaign with the lastest drivers. I'm not sure if it's a SLI issue or not. I haven't tried very hard to track down the issue yet.

12-01-05, 04:44 PM
Thanks for the info guys.

12-01-05, 04:54 PM
So how should I go about this

Is there a "MEGA" pack or should I start with IL2 Forgotten Battles.

What do I need to buy to get all the eye candy (xmasgrin)

12-01-05, 09:19 PM
So how should I go about this

Is there a "MEGA" pack or should I start with IL2 Forgotten Battles.

What do I need to buy to get all the eye candy (xmasgrin)


That is a Canadian listing since I live in Canada but I'm sure you can get that there too. Probably only $15 American or so.
As far as hardware requirements go, don't make me smack you.

I don't even like these type of games but I looked it up to see what was available. I probably missed something as far as packages go.
I do understand people like different types of games and I look out for the quality titles and this is one of them as far as I know, and tried. Who knows, in the future I might enjoy these types of games as my tastes change so I check them out.

12-02-05, 07:00 AM
Might as well get BF2 and pretend. At least a lot of people are playing it. (cheers)

12-02-05, 07:18 AM
I was LOL, I loved playing BFV on the coral sea map.

I know I know it's not a real sim but it was fun