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12-02-05, 07:44 PM
<RatoN> How many enemy AIs will we be fighting in GRAW SP and COOP?
[ +Ulf ] Up to 20 against you and your ghosts. Plus there are vehicles, both in the air and on ground.

<[MAD]Inferno> Is there a scheduled demo before the official release of GRAW?
[ +Ulf ] Yes, the demo is scheduled for release in the beginning of 2006, before the release of the full game.

<Joseph_Q> Can you tell us about recommended and min specs?
[ +Ulf ] We haven't determined the minimum specs accurately yet, but we are of course concerned that everybody should be able to play the game.
The engine allows scaling of features and detail levels.

<DickSplash> How large will the maps be, SP and MP?
[ +Ulf ] The maps have an average size of 600x600 meters, in SP.

<stevenmu> Will there be 'soul-switching' in the single player mode or will Cpt. Mitchell dying mean 'Game Over' ?
[ +Ulf ] Yes, in this game, you take on the role of one single soldier - just as you would if entering a real battle. If you die, you're dead. You can see through your teammates' headmounted cameras, to see where they're at, this replicates a bit of the GR1 tactical feeling.

<XtraT> So, how realistic will the game be? Are there any real army people helping with making the game as realistic as possible?
Bo: yes we have a lot of guidance from former army specialists from outside the company and from the inside aswell. I myself was signed to a special forces unit here in Sweden for two years brfore starting GRIN.

That of course gives me a great benefit and pleasure to be hands on in the project. Also the conneciton with RSE and their army contacts is a great inspiration.

<Peter> Everyone knows that PC-gamers love cooperative gamestyle - still, almost no game developers seem to understand it. Will Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for PC support cooperative gamestyle?
[ +Ulf ] Of course - this is one of our main focuses for the entire gameplay. The tactical approach is balanced with the co-op in mind.*

<Prozac> Will the HUD be customisable and to what degree? Colours, position, size, on/off...
[ +Ulf ] Depending on what happens in-game, the HUD adapts and changes, to give you more intel if that's what you need, and more view, if that's what you need.

<Vth_F_Smith> How many people were involved in the Production of GR:AW?
[ +Ulf ] About 40 people for the core team on the PC version, plus a lot more people from UBI.

<Tricksta> What game engine will you be using ? Is it old or a new engine?
[ +Ulf ] It's our own Diesel Engine, version 6.0. It's a next-gen engine that we've developed over time in collaboration with nVidia, ATI and also of late Ageia to support the latest and greatest PC hardware features.

<Kirq> how many bullets is needed to eliminate enemy in GRAW ?
[ +Ulf ] That depends entirely on his protection - as in real life, you can hardly survive a bullet to the head, although you can take two, maybe three in your vest. Oh, and it depends on the weapon you're using, too.

<SleChY|GP> there will be prototype weapons in the game? what can we expect of this?
[ +Ulf ] Yes, the CRYE and the XM8. All the rest are existing weapons that are in use today.

<WhiteKnight77> Why the arrows pointing out teammate positions?
[ +Ulf ] Yo Whitey. So that you'll know where they're at. In GRAW, it is very important to cover you angles, and position you team correctly at all time. Moving down the streets, you cannot run'n'gun. You have to make tactical choices all the time, and your teammates is your tool to get the upper hand in combat.

<KS-Grizzli[ModoFR]> Will you provide a SDK?
[ +Ulf ] We cannot reveal that information as of now, but it's in the works. =)

<Kirq> Please tell us something about replayability aspect of GRAW ?
[ +Ulf ] Replaying the game, you can of course choose to take alternative routes through the maps, as well as different tactical approaches. The AI will of course adapt to your tactical approach, and team setup - varying your experience greatly. The non-linear maps open up huge possibilities different strategies.

<Kirq> Is gore level in GRAW going to be similar to GR1 ?
[ +Ulf ] Yes, the gore level of GR1 and GRAW are about the same level.*

<[MAD]Inferno> What measures are being taken for an anti-cheat?
[ +Ulf ] We want to implement anit-cheat measures as late as possible, to assure that we get the latest and best to address this important issue.
We cannot reveal more than that at the moment.*

<Peter> Apart from the most obvious - reconfigurable controls and higher resolutions - how will Grin make sure that Ghost Recon 3 won't be another Playstation 2-conversion running on modern PC hardware?
[ +Ulf ] First off, content art, sound, technology and gameplay is entirely unique for the PC version.
The entire PC versioni made exclusively for the PC, and stand alone from the console versions in terms of gameplay. I'll go a bit further on this: The tactical layer of the PC game is much more advanced than the console approach. We have a realtime 3d view of the battle field where you as a squad leader can see the action and plan it real time.
This to be able to set up the best tactical apparoch as the combat and pre combat changes.
Adding to this we have individual control of 3 team mates and other support troops. This to design complext flanking and attacking patterins both on the fly and through your tactical interface.
It is really a tactical sim as you never have seen before on any format.
Next we have a exclusivly designed control on the PC that makes the player immersed in the body of Captain M. We are able to control him with great accuracy for both stealth, position in in covers and shooting positions. This is what we call the advanced leaning system which allows 8 way leaing, sliding and even diving into cover .

<ShytKicker> Another question, what will the final game use? Third-person view, first-person, or over-the-shoulder? Seems like I seen trailers with all 3 used. And my fav was over-the-shoulder.
[ +Ulf ] The PC version is 1st person only.

<RatoN> Did you find a solution for Replays? If so, are we gonna have Replays in GRAW?
[ +Ulf ] We know how important the issue is for the online gaming community.
We're looking into it, though. I'd love to have the feature in myself. We hope to get it in, but we cannot guarantee that we'll succed, at this point.

<Paul> Tell us something more about ur Graphic Engine, will it fully support Pixel Shader 3.0, and effects like HDR (High Dynamic Range) ?
[ +Ulf ] Yes, and for the record: We were the first company to release a game with pixel shaders in. we know these kinds of features like the back of our hands. =D GRAW PC features HDR lighting, soft shadows, deferred lighting, normal mapping on everything, and an incredibly dynamic and destructable environment.

<Mumbles> Will the dead bodies remain on screen?
[ +Ulf ] Yes.*

<smoker`SleG0ne> did the team go to Mexico city?
[ +Ulf ] Yes, we did, and we brought back plenty of photos and videos for reference to our artists. Hopefully, we're going back there after the project. =D

<stevenmu> What can you tell us about the atmosphere of the game, will there be other events happening seperate to us around the city as in a real conflict ?
[ +Ulf ] Yes, you're involved in a big and pretty intense operation, where you work alongside other units to get the job done. Through yor interface you will also receive updates and intel as to what is going on at other fronts within the city.

<pagey> AT what time of day the maps are playable..do we got nite day dawn ect options?..(and rain)
[ +Ulf ] Yes, there will be missions at dusk, dawn, night and day. Everyhting looks beautiful.

<[MAD]Inferno> Will there be more of a push towards GRAW for PC suggesting that most first person shooters are preferred on the PC; such as more media and better means of getting news and information to the consumers?
[ +Ulf ] Yes, you will soon see GRAW PC specific coverage, including more screenshots, audio teasers, live in-game footage, and more.

<rovholet> The colors and graphics reminds me alot of black hawk down, Were you heavily influenced by that movie when you designed the game?
[ +Ulf ] Black Hawk down is a movie that we studied in detail because it uses light and color changes to clearly indicate the mood of a scene.
Before a fight, things look smooth, but as the bullets start flying and things get dangerous, the light changes to a more cold and "hard" hue.
We use that in game as well, to emphasize the situation.

[ @Ryosan ] To finish this live chat, it's now the dev turn to ask you one question Smile

[ +Ulf ] Ok, we at GRIN want to know...
[ @Ryosan ] and at Ubisoft
[ +Ulf ] If we were to develop an expansion pack - what would you like to see in it?
After that everyone starts screaming jungle & snow etc..

12-02-05, 07:46 PM
And here is an earlier part of the devchat, pretty funny at times too. ;)

[8:42am] [8:42am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> yes its so special
[8:43am] [8:43am] <Jaykob> oh yes
[8:43am] [8:43am] <Jaykob> ----------
[8:43am] [8:43am] <Jaykob> ----------
[8:43am] [8:43am] <Jaykob> ----------
[8:43am] [8:43am] <Jaykob> ----------
[8:43am] [8:43am] <Jaykob> ----------
[8:43am] [8:43am] <aar88> Hows the laws in Swiss-land :P
[8:43am] [8:43am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> im bored, no cow died since 20minutes
[8:43am] [8:43am] <Jaykob> shania died here, I'm sad...
[8:44am] [8:44am] <Jaykob> laws are very strict here
[8:44am] [8:44am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> in swizland ist allowd to marry cows. thats the law
[8:44am] [8:44am] <Jaykob> you aren't even allowed to kill somebody!
[8:44am] [8:44am] <Jaykob> but thats ok
[8:45am] [8:45am] <aar88> well name a country its allowed to kill someone?
[8:45am] [8:45am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> austria
[8:45am] [8:45am] <Jaykob> and germany
[8:45am] [8:45am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> yes, havent you been there?
[8:46am] [8:46am] <Jaykob> its terrible...
[8:46am] [8:46am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> they have no cows
[8:46am] [8:46am] <aar88> its not allowed but the laws doesnt work?
[8:46am] [8:46am] <Jaykob> no cheese
[8:46am] [8:46am] <Jaykob> yes theres no police or sth
[8:46am] [8:46am] <aar88> do need slimey throat to speak swiss-language?
[8:46am] [8:46am] <Jaykob> you can drive as fast as you want on highway
[8:47am] [8:47am] <aar88> like deutch
[8:47am] [8:47am] <Jaykob> yes you get that from malk!
[8:47am] [8:47am] <Jaykob> bin kurz weg
[8:47am] [8:47am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> ok
[8:48am] [8:48am] <Jaykob> back again
[8:49am] [8:49am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> ok
[8:49am] [8:49am] <Jaykob> come developers
[8:50am] [8:50am] <Jaykob> spiel du mal dev
[8:50am] [8:50am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> anderer chat
[8:50am] [8:50am] <Jaykob> k
[8:54am] [8:54am] Joins: Kicarz (UbiSoftCha@ [11 users]
[8:54am] [8:54am] Quits: Kicarz (UbiSoftCha@ (Quit: Leaving)
[8:55am] [8:55am] <aar88> are there any swiss made games?
[8:56am] [8:56am] <Jaykob> sure
[8:56am] [8:56am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> yes Cowcommander
[8:56am] [8:56am] <Jaykob> and cow wars
[8:56am] [8:56am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> and SimCheese
[8:56am] [8:56am] <aar88> how good processor do you need?
[8:56am] [8:56am] <Jaykob> right
[8:56am] [8:56am] <aar88> or mhz
[8:56am] [8:56am] <Jaykob> min 12 mhz
[8:56am] [8:56am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> 60c386
[8:56am] [8:56am] <aar88> ok
[8:56am] [8:56am] <aar88> i think my computer can make it
[8:57am] [8:57am] <Jaykob> nah I wouldnt say that...
[8:57am] [8:57am] Joins: AsRock (UbiSoftCha@ [11 users]
[8:57am] [8:57am] <aar88> huh?
[8:57am] [8:57am] Joins: GR3_developers|Pete|graphics (simon@ Clone: Simon|fromSwizerland [12 users]
[8:57am] [8:57am] <aar88> yay gr3 guy
[8:57am] [8:57am] Joins: GR3_Developers|Jack|AI (j@ Clone: Jaykob [13 users]
[8:57am] [8:57am] <aar88> 2 gr3 guys
[8:57am] [8:57am] <GR3_developers|Pete|graphics> Hi Everybody
[8:57am] [8:57am] <aar88> hi
[8:57am] [8:57am] <GR3_Developers|Jack|AI> Hi!
[8:57am] [8:57am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> servus
[8:57am] <RatoN> hey
[8:57am] [8:57am] <Jaykob> hi
[8:57am] [8:57am] <GR3_developers|Pete|graphics> have you wait for a long time?
[8:58am] [8:58am] <Jaykob> yes...
[8:58am] [8:58am] <GR3_developers|Pete|graphics> u must be the greatest fans, if you are allready here.
[8:58am] [8:58am] <Jaykob> Yeah here!
[8:58am] [8:58am] <Jaykob> ----------
[8:58am] [8:58am] <Jaykob> ----------
[8:58am] [8:58am] <Jaykob> ----------
[8:58am] [8:58am] <Jaykob> ----------
[8:58am] [8:58am] <Jaykob> ----------
[8:59am] [8:59am] <GR3_developers|Pete|graphics> We decidet to answer some questions allready.
[8:59am] [8:59am] <GR3_Developers|Jack|AI> Yes let's begin!
[8:59am] [8:59am] <GR3_developers|Pete|graphics> feel free to ask something
[8:59am] [8:59am] <GR3_Developers|Jack|AI> Common!
[8:59am] [8:59am] <GR3_developers|Pete|graphics> oh, someone from swizerland is here Smile
[8:59am] <RatoN> how manny cows you have
[9:00am] [9:00am] <Jaykob> yeah how many?
[9:00am] [9:00am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> i have 16 cows
[9:00am] <RatoN> and watches
[9:00am] [9:00am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> and a mountain
[9:00am] [9:00am] <Jaykob> and mountains!
[9:00am] [9:00am] <AsRock> How many people will be able to play in a coop game ?
[9:00am] [9:00am] <aar88> what do gr3 have to do with switzerland?
[9:00am] <RatoN> 3
[9:00am] [9:00am] <GR3_Developers|Jack|AI> So you all worry about the so called "Swiss feature in our game?"
[9:01am] <RatoN> no
[9:01am] [9:01am] <GR3_developers|Pete|graphics> 8 people will be able to play at the same time in Coop.
[9:01am] [9:01am] <aar88> coop against bots?
[9:01am] [9:01am] <GR3_Developers|Jack|AI> thats because many developers come from switzerland this time
[9:01am] [9:01am] <aar88> ah ok
[9:01am] <RatoN> k
[9:01am] [9:01am] <GR3_Developers|Jack|AI> Yes coop against bots is possible
[9:01am] [9:01am] <aar88> i thought grin was swedish
[9:01am] [9:01am] <GR3_Developers|Jack|AI> up to 16 bots
[9:01am] <RatoN> cows?
[9:02am] [9:02am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> what is Ghost Recon?
[9:02am] [9:02am] <GR3_Developers|Jack|AI> Yes it's swedish, but we have many swiss people here
[9:02am] [9:02am] <aar88> ok
[9:02am] [9:02am] <Jaykob> yeah tell me!
[9:02am] [9:02am] <aar88> What is the "Swiss feature"?
[9:02am] [9:02am] <AsRock> So you saying 8 ppl in coop against a max of 16 bots(AI) ?
[9:03am] [9:03am] <Bagbox> Please, don't get fooled by these lamers.
[9:03am] [9:03am] <GR3_Developers|Jack|AI> We decided to bring out a "swiss version" because many developers are from there and nobody ever brought a "swiss edition" so a premiere
[9:03am] [9:03am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> yeah awesome
[9:03am] [9:03am] <aar88> I thought Coop was like a pair plays singleplayer missions
[9:03am] [9:03am] <aar88> like Chaos theory
[9:03am] [9:03am] <aar88> coop mode
[9:03am] [9:03am] <GR3_developers|Pete|graphics> yes, Its also possible to play the plot in Co-OP
[9:03am] [9:03am] <GR3_Developers|Jack|AI> yes of course but you can also play against bots in coop mode in multiplayer
[9:04am] [9:04am] <aar88> ok
[9:04am] [9:04am] <Jaykob> great!
[9:04am] [9:04am] <aar88> What graphical changes have you made?
[9:04am] [9:04am] <aar88> compared to x360
[9:05am] [9:05am] <GR3_developers|Pete|graphics> We know completely sopport pixelshader 3.0
[9:05am] [9:05am] <GR3_Developers|Jack|AI> Of course high res textures in comparison to x360
[9:05am] [9:05am] <AsRock> That was not my question. How many bots can you have in a coop game ?
[9:05am] [9:05am] <aar88> it was my q :P
[9:05am] [9:05am] <GR3_Developers|Jack|AI> As we already said 16
[9:05am] [9:05am] Joins: MadMac (MadMac@ [14 users]
[9:05am] [9:05am] <aar88> where are the missions placed?
[9:05am] [9:05am] <aar88> in the world
[9:05am] [9:05am] <GR3_developers|Pete|graphics> in Swizerland of course
[9:06am] [9:06am] <Jaykob> cool!
[9:06am] [9:06am] <GR3_developers|Pete|graphics> because it is a really great coutry
[9:06am] [9:06am] <MadMac> hello all
[9:06am] [9:06am] <GR3_Developers|Jack|AI> But we also have completely other sets
[9:06am] [9:06am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> yes with chocolate
[9:06am] [9:06am] <aar88> so we will be fighting Swiss-terrorists
[9:06am] [9:06am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> and cheese
[9:06am] [9:06am] <Simon|fromSwizerland> and a mountain
[9:06am] [9:06am] <Jaykob> yeah!
[9:06am] <RatoN> hey
[9:06am] [9:06am] <GR3_developers|Pete|graphics> yes exactly
[9:06am] [9:06am] <aar88> just switzerland?
[9:06am] [9:06am] <GR3_Developers|Jack|AI> There is also a desert level e.g.
[9:07am] [9:07am] <MadMac> will there be a Mac Version of GR3 ?
[9:07am] [9:07am] <aar88> lol i remember this question:
[9:07am] [9:07am] <GR3_Developers|Jack|AI> Also many urban sets are included
[9:07am] [9:07am] <GR3_developers|Pete|graphics> the rest will be exclusively Swizerland
[9:07am] [9:07am] <aar88> will you be able to jump?
[9:07am] [9:07am] <GR3_developers|Pete|graphics> yes you can jump on cows
[9:07am] <RatoN> lol

Edit from the Agent: Decided to bold the dev comments for better readability. (xmasgrin)

12-02-05, 10:16 PM
High res for PC
More tactical
Demo before release


12-03-05, 02:25 AM

12-03-05, 03:00 AM
http://img461.imageshack.us/img461/8748/00005043jx.th.jpg (http://img461.imageshack.us/my.php?image=00005043jx.jpg) Here is another picture of the PC version. Looks pretty sweet and the light seems to be spot on for a summer or desert level. You can almost feel the heat. :D (Edit, fixed the pic)

12-03-05, 03:03 AM
Link doesnt work! :( It says forbidden...

But yea, the XB is very limited in overall system/texture memory, so its not suprising that the PC version will have higher textures :D

12-03-05, 03:21 AM
Just as well Ive got my second 7800GT on the way (xmasgrin)

12-03-05, 03:21 AM
I was a little surprised by that comment because IF the X360 uses the same high-detail textures like the PC in COD2 ("Extra" setting), then it shouldn´t have been impossible to use the same high-detail textures in GR3. Unless of course GR3 is using even more textures or whatever, I don´t know. :p I really like that these guys don´t just port it over and actually stick to the original series and keep it a very tactical one-shot-one-kill FPS. Maybe the console version will play more like COD2 and the PC version like the previous Ghost Recons, in that case there might be an excuse to buy it on both platforms. Doesn´t sound like a bad idea to increase sales and it shouldn´t take that much more extra dev time, all you need to do is increase the armor, or add an automatic health system like in COD2, and increase the number hostiles and there you have less tactical, more action-based GR3. We´ll see. ;)

12-03-05, 03:46 AM
I dunno, I'm just basing this off of the god awful textures in King Kong Gamers/XB360 version. Textures are textures, and memory is memory, it seems it would be hard to stuff high res textures into such a memory limited box.