View Full Version : Finally getting a new PC

12-02-05, 09:40 PM
Well a while back I posted I was gonna get a new PC. I have ordered one and will be getting it in the next 10 days most likely. It is a

AMD Athlon X2 4400+
1 Gig of Ram
7800 GT
Evga Sli Motherboard
160 Gig Hard Drive

Its time to see good graphics:)

Thanks to those who gave me some suggestions on an earlier post!

12-02-05, 09:50 PM
congrats! Night and day difference compared to a 5200 =)

12-02-05, 09:53 PM
No kidding. That's a huge upgrade. (xmasmile)

12-04-05, 03:23 AM
Well I am sick of **** graphics lol.

12-04-05, 03:26 AM
Yea nice! That will be beautiful :)

12-04-05, 09:01 AM
congrats man, welcome to the highend club, you now can see the true power of 4aa and 16af games will never look the same ever again muahahhahhaa.

12-04-05, 02:37 PM
I like the sound of that the "highend club" lmao heh