View Full Version : F/s: Pny 6800gt

12-03-05, 10:24 AM
Trying to upgrade to a 7800GT or 7800GTX and I have to part ways with the old'e video card, my trust PNY 6800GT.

Card is in perfect shape, never overclocked, blow out every other month. Purchased new Feb 2005.

Bus Type AGP
Memory 256MB DDR3
Core Clock 350MHz
Memory Clock 1000MHz
RAMDAC Dual 400MHz

Selling for 200.00 - Free Shipping in the USA.
Accepting Paypal & Paypal CC.

I really don't like selling on Ebay anymore, too many fools and dead beats (else I'd still be there.)

Ebay User: Shadowhaxor
Heatware: Shadowhaxor (http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=1263)


12-04-05, 08:11 AM
i'm very interested. pm me if it's still for sale, or hit me up on aim...