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12-04-05, 05:20 PM
Ok i am switching from Intel to AMD tomorrow and I wanted to know how I should go about doing things.

I know the best thing for me to do is reinstall windows. (so I here)

What is the best way for me to do this?

I want to re-format the hard drive that windows is installed on and store all my files on my 200GB back up hard drive. (can someone help me with instructions or a link to delete everything off my hard drive) step by step.

Basically I want to know the doooos and doonts of changing my Processor and Motherboard.


12-04-05, 06:59 PM
Basic Do's .....be very VERY thorough with backing up of your previous data.
Have a browse on the hardware forums relating to your specific new motherboard, see if there are any common issues and find means and ways of tackling them beforehand, always be a step ahead of any problems that may arise. Asmuch as you can be.

If your particular new board requires the installation of SATA drivers at start up, make sure the driver disk is fully functional beforehand, i.e it can be read, floppy isn't damaged.

Check to see if there are newer bios versions for your board, but more importantly check to see what they have fixed. Obviously your not going to know what issues they fix, so have the new bios handy on a floppy disk along with a bootable floppy / formatted system disk beforehand.

Check for the latest chipset / motherboard drivers / audio drivers first off and burn them onto a CD, I wouldn't suggest that using nForce drivers off the motherboard CD isnt the best idea, as your probably find yourself with a hinkling to install newer ones not too far down the line and that's always been a bit dicey, save yourself the possibility of another format.

Earth yourself during the install itself!

Things don't go too well at any point, ....leave it for awhile, chill and don't lose your rag with it, just makes the process longer and more annoying.

If you notice any odd glitches / crashes at any point during the install, make a note of it so at a later date may come in useful if anymore problems arise.

Can't really think of anything else right now, done it all so many times its second nature so pretty hard to explain this time of night... sure your be fine.

Good luck

12-04-05, 08:15 PM
(can someone help me with instructions or a link to delete everything off my hard drive) step by step.

Delete? No need to worry about that. During the XP install it gives you the option to format the drive. I usually just use the quick format to get rid of everything. You can also delete the partition and recreate it to do the same thing.

Also, don't forget to backup stuff like e-mails, address book, favorites, and game saves (if they're on the drive that will be wiped). I frequently forget to save my game saves.

Edit: I think this is the order I use:

nforce drivers (I don't install the nvidia firewall stuff)
network driver (if any is still needed after nforce drivers)
forceware (display driver)
audio drivers / apps
utilities (powertoys, firewall, ad blocker, etc.)
X2 CPU driver (sometimes do after the game testing just to see if I have the affinity issue first)
A few games to test things
MS Dual-core hotfix (sometimes wait until the end for this)
restore e-mail settings, favs, address book, game savs, etc.
install antivirus software and update it

12-04-05, 09:01 PM
Hey thanks alot guys for your help!... i hope the Open heart surgery goes smoothly tomorrow.. I will enjoy it (xmasgrin)