View Full Version : Is Quake IV running at 60HZ?

Killroy X
12-04-05, 10:25 PM
Do we still to use the good ol' Refresh Rate fix from Nvidia or whomever?

I feel that Quake IV and a couple other games are running at a lower refresh rate of 60.

I thought this was taken care of a while back.

I'm not using any utility now and am wondering if I should put it back on.

12-04-05, 10:40 PM
The framerate is capped at 60 no matter what you set the refresh rate to (unless you disable the fixed tic option). The refresh rate also defaults to 60 unless you're overriding it.

Add the below to a autexec.cfg if you want the refresh rate to be something else (if you're not already using a refresh rate override option or utility).


set r_displayRefresh "85"