View Full Version : Direct Access eaten my food, slept on my bed, sit on my chair, AND MESSED MY MONITOR!

12-05-05, 07:47 AM
Well folks,

I have a evga 6800gt pci-e, and a LG T910b CRT monitor.

I re-installed windows xp sp2, and began to install all stuff back.

So, installed nforce 4 drivers, restart, and installed the 81.95 driver. After reboot, went checking w/ was new. So, messing around the driver settings, i found a "direct access LG T910b". So, i entered it.

When i clicked the middle page (on the tree), the screen went BLACK! But, fortunatelly i found out it was only brightness settings that went to zero.

But, when brought it back, ive noticed that the screen was kinda grey, almos black and white, the colours were dead, there was no bright at all.

Then, i noticed that the driver had messed up badly w/ the monitor settings, cause the contrast (that is way over 100 -> looks like its 400 or something like that), is locked on 100. And i cant bring it down.

- the minus button of the monitor is fine (when i press, the menu comes, but cant change from 100);
- already tried on another pc, but looks like the driver messed up w/ the monitor's firmware ("memory");

Restarted, and began messing around again. when, deserate, after 2 hours, i went into tools, colour settings(the button in the middle), and started a color optimization process. Magically, the settings unlocked, and i could, again control contrast, and turned the screen back to life.

But, the good feeling was gone just minutes later. I went installing the rest of the drivers (sound and such), and after a restart, the driver messed up again w/ the monitor, locking it back on that "old gray", same as b4.

Spent 3 more hours trying to unlock it again, but, had no more luck, maybe it was cause i installed coolbits after managed to unlock it, but i cant do that again.

What can i do? help out please!

12-05-05, 07:55 AM
wow - so many posts in so many threads all about the same thing - you must be really annoyed!!

Electronic Punk
12-05-05, 08:06 AM
yeah how come this stuff has only appeared (or resurfaced today?)

12-05-05, 08:54 AM
Let's keep all the discussions to one thread please. kthxbye