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12-06-05, 04:10 PM
ok here is the deal .. im having probs with my new motherboard and processor

the motherboard A8N-SLI Premium

Processor AMD 4400

Ok i think i have everything in the right place but im not sure ... The LED on my mother board is on when i turn on the power .. but nothing else turns on .. the heatsink fan or any other fan turns on. its like there is no power. yet the LED GREEN light is on. on the motherboard

any ideals on what im doing wrong... if the motherboard was grounded would the GREEN LED still trun on?

12-06-05, 04:13 PM
Is the motherboard grounded? Is it inside the case or outside?

12-06-05, 04:17 PM
The mobo is inside the case. let me ask .. to test the mobo should i try taking out the processor and the ram and then try to fire it up?

Let me ask would it still be grounded if i took the mobo out of the case and set it just on the glass table?

i really hope the mobo is not bad .. cuz i just read another thread with the same prob and he ended up sending it back ... so whats the best way to test the mobo

12-06-05, 04:23 PM
If your cables will reach, you can try taking it out of the case. Just make sure you put it on something that won't generate static.

Also try booting with the lowest number of components possible. One stick of memory, video, and hard drive.

12-06-05, 04:37 PM
ok .. i just put the mobo on my glass table.

I have the 24 pin, the 4pin and the heatsink fan plugged in.

i have the harddrive hooked up to one SATA raid1

One 7800GTX in the PCIE 1 slot

And thats it!

The green LED still comes on .. but on power from the PSU .. i know its not the PSU b/c its the same one i have used for about 1month now

SO now i feel like my MOBO OR PROCESSOR IS FU CK ED UP!

How should i test if its the mobo or Processor

12-06-05, 04:45 PM
Unplug the PSU, and pull the CMOS battery out. Let it sit for a few minutes, put it back in, then fire it up again... if you still have the same problem, it is probably the mobo.

12-06-05, 04:51 PM
damn... didnt work .. Damn Asus .. i bet i dont get another one till after Xmas.. this really sucks... i guess thats what sucks about buying ONLINE!

12-06-05, 07:00 PM
OKOKOK(xmasmile) i got it!

It turns out i just 4got to put in the little power SW .. how stupid of me!

anyway .. the next problem i have run into is telling the computer i have a sata raid1 harddisk hooked up .. b/c its not seeing any harddisk

12-06-05, 07:04 PM
Are you running Raid? Make sure to disable Raid in the BIOS if you are not running any type of raid.