View Full Version : D link DI-634M MIMO router

12-06-05, 10:54 PM

Does anybody know if this router is any good??? In terms of range, and speed? I plan on have a computer which will be located in my upstairs office and my internet gateway in located in the basement, so I would say they will be separated by 30-50feetů do u think I will get good speed out of this router?


12-06-05, 11:55 PM
well it depends.. the only reason i would get a pre-n router is jsut for the security. (wpa-2 aes encryption )not the range. hell for half the price you can get a cheap 802.11g router and attach a high gain on it and get twice the range of any n router. well are you gonna be transfering alot of big file? if so then i would get it. if its just to surf the net then i would just go for a 8011.g router..