View Full Version : Network Printer Question:

12-06-05, 11:57 PM
Lets say there are 2 seperate networks, network A and network B, each with their own network printers that work on their own networks. What if a workstation was connected to both networks, but somehow the workstation cannot print directly any documents opened/taken from Network A on network B's printers.

Why? Is there a network printer compatibility problem between different OS's if the 2 networks are running different OS's. Namely win2k and winxp. Could firewalls be involved and how?

12-07-05, 01:12 PM
as long as the printers from the respective networks are installed on the workstation, the workstation should be able to print any file taken from anywhere on any printer on either network.

or are you trying to do this remotely? ie, running a computer from network A and trying to connect to the workstation to print on network B's printers.

12-07-05, 03:30 PM
well can you ping accross the network? so what im saying is can you ping from one workstation on network A to another workstation on network B? if you cant get a ping accross then the networks are firewalled. also are the printers network attached or are they shared out through workstations via usb or parallel?....because if they are connected via workstations then they need to be shared and given access to the printers.