View Full Version : good raid results?

12-08-05, 09:11 AM
I think these are good i used hd tachs drive benchmark program

random access time 13.3ms
cpu 8* +- 2*
average read 95.8mb/s
burst 210.9mb/s

2 sata2s 80gb deskstars in raid 0

another smaller program i used shot out 120mb/s reading500mb, with seek of 7ms for ordered files

12-08-05, 12:09 PM
Im new to raid myself, so this is the first raid setup ive done, but my resualts are close to yours.

random access time 12.8ms
cpu 13%
average read 98.2mb/s
burst 208mb/s
2 sata1s 160gb Hitachi's in raid 0

12-08-05, 12:28 PM
stripe size you guys? cluster size? program being used for benches?
its hard to compare without that info.

Random access time:14.2ms
Cpu 4%
Average read: 94.9MB
Burst: 165.1MB
2 WD2500KS 250gb sata2 drives (running at sata 1 spec)
(using HDtach's 32mb test)
stripe is 64kb cluster is 4kb

12-08-05, 12:47 PM
I used HD Tach
Stripe size of 16k cluster size is default which is 4kb I believe :)

12-08-05, 04:13 PM
Im using 16 cluster 32 strip