View Full Version : Hook up X-Fi XtremMusic Analog/Digital to Receiver?

12-09-05, 10:19 AM
(rudolf) What Would I need, can you post product links from radioshack or compusa tyvm..

12-10-05, 09:08 AM
Are you thinking about surround sound from games etc. to your receiver via optical link? Because I dont remeber X-fi (or any other card, mayby one, but I never saw an actual product) supporting the DTS encoding (like xbox).

Also, I read somewhere that the DTS reduces sound quality (it's a compressed format afterall) and that one might get the best sound just by using the analog outputs. That's a bunch of cables, I know (3x ministereo-rc cables). And you need a reciever that can receive six analog channels.

Atleast with audigy I can get stereo coax output just with a regular ministereo-rc cable. Just plug the ministereo jack to the card's digital out and the black rc jack to the reciever's coax in. The red rc jack goes nowhere.

12-10-05, 08:17 PM
The X-Fi doesn't support real time DD/DTS encoding. This means that you need to use analog connection to get multispeaker surround sound in games. The optimal solution is to use both analog AND digital connection and switch as needed. Digitial connection is better when playing DVDs since it utilizes your receiver's HW decoding capabilities. Analog connection is better for games and music since it takes advantage of the X-Fi's superior DACs, plus it supports muti speaker surround sound of audio content which isn't digitally compressed and encoded.

I hope this makes sense.