View Full Version : Got a new Latitude D610

12-09-05, 01:22 PM
Hey everyone! You're probably thinking to yourselves, "where the hell has Ninjaman been, and why should I care?" Well the answer lies within!

Basically I got promoted at work and have taken on a tremendous amount of new responsibilities, which means I have zero downtime now. So I won't be able to prattle on with you guys while I'm on the clock anymore. :( But the great news is that my new job duties are interesting and I've got some pretty exciting career opportunities ahead, so the good times are rolling!

Anyway the necessity of a laptop for my new tasks has allowed me to recieve a new Dell Latitude D610! I wanted to post about it because this thing is frickin awesome and it's probably the nicest laptop I've ever used. The only other laptop I've had was a Latitude C510 back in college that was second-hand so I'm super excited about using this thing.

Anyway I just wanted to brag. That was the whole point of this thread. :D

12-09-05, 07:29 PM
congrats on the promo ....don't get to busy and forget to have fun.
On the lappy, I hate to say it but Dell is doing "some" impressive things, enjoy