View Full Version : Using Samsung TX-R3079Wh as PC monitor

12-09-05, 01:45 PM
Hello hello. First time posting here so I hope I got this in the right forum if not mods please move to the appropriate place.

Well i finally went out and bought my HDTV and got myself the Samsung TX-R3079WH


Xbox 360 looks amazing on it and I"m picking up my Cable HDTV box tonight. Yesterday i decided to play around with hooking it up to my PC. Since it doesn't haven any HDMI inputs I used a Monster DVI to HDMI cable. My PC has a BFG 6800GT video card which has S-Video and DVI outputs.

Now here's where I almost yanked all my hair out. After changing resolutions a million times I was able to find one that i was somewhat comfortable with. I couldn't read a damn thing though until I made the fonts bigger. I also play World of Warcraft, so I started it up and let me tell you it looked amazing....cept for the fact that I still couldn't read any text and you can't change the font sizes. The other problem I had was that i had my monitor hooked up also and I wanted to set that as my primary and TV as secondary. After I did that thought whenever I tried to changed the resolutions for each it changed them as if I wanted it to affect both. Is there maybe a program better than the one that nvidia comes with? Or is this gonna be something I won't be able to do at all because of the HDMI - DVI conversion? Would DVI - Component be a better choice? After seeing how WoW looked on the TV it was like a major tease as to how nice this new toy can be. My main goal is to be able to use my TV as my monitor whenever I feel. Thank you in advance.