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12-09-05, 03:44 PM
Ok, so I'm looking for something to buy for myself around the Christmas time. I just had one quick question about something. I'm definitly getting a new pair of headphones (prolly the Sennheiser HD485s) and a new 2.1 system (5.1 is almost a waste on PC games and I don't have the room for more than 2 speakers on my desk).

What are some good 2.1 speaker sets? I was looking into this one:


The Klipsch 2.1 Promedias sound pretty awesome and they are at a reasonable price too. Are these the best or should I find something else for around the same price? Also, does anyone here have the headphones mentioned above?

12-10-05, 10:53 AM

12-10-05, 12:34 PM
I use the Logitech Z-2300s myself. Love 'em, and they were $50 cheaper than the Klipsches at the time. :D

12-12-05, 08:44 AM
Ok, I've been looking around in my spare time from finals week and I think I might just get one of two "combos". Check it out.

1) Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum Card and Some nice $60-$90 Headphones

I've heard that headphones really kick some arse with the new X-Fi cards so that could be a nice improvement. Since my last set of cans broke on me (cheapos), I miss having the ability to crank up the sound without waking other people up.

2) A Nice Pair of Headphones and a 2.1 Speaker Set.

Prolly the 2.1 speaker set mentioned above ^ and some headphones around $40-$60.

So my question now, which one should I get? I'm leaning more towards the X-Fi card but is it really worth it?

12-12-05, 09:39 AM
why would you say that 5.1 is a waste on a pc?

12-12-05, 09:57 AM
why would you say that 5.1 is a waste on a pc?

I don't have the room to position the speakers correctly in my lil computer area. Plus, I already have 5.1 in my room nearby.

12-12-05, 10:45 AM
klipsch's all the way I have heard several different kilpch' sincluding those and the quality is excellent

12-13-05, 08:16 AM
although you don't have space for a 5.1 setup I have to say even my really cheap logitechs work good for CS:S. As for headphones I am getting the hd555's. I just ordered them from zipzoomfly for $112. They would prob be a lot better that the ones you are looking at if you can up your price range a little.

12-13-05, 09:13 AM
I use the Logitech Z-2300s myself. Love 'em, and they were $50 cheaper than the Klipsches at the time. :D

I use the Z3's and they rock.

12-13-05, 09:39 AM
I use the Z3's and they rock.

Just put in an order for those too. Positive reviews (all I could find).

12-14-05, 08:41 AM
Well, I finally decided on getting the Sennheiser 555s for sure. I'm still debating on whether or not to buy the X-Fi Platinum or Klipsch 2.1 ProMedias. I'm just kinda broke, even with Christmas coming up so . . . .thanks guys.

12-17-05, 02:17 PM
Okee dokee, I finally bit the bullet and bought some headphones:

Sennheiser HD555 are on their way!!! The purchase came out to about $117.95 so it wasn't too expensive. I'll post some pics whenever I get them. BTW, they guarenteed me delivery before the 24th so that rocks.

12-25-05, 01:54 AM
i am getting my hd555s in a few hours.

12-25-05, 08:36 AM
Dang I forgot all about this thread. I got my 555's the other day and they are just awesome. I've watched a few movies, played FEAR and CSS and also listened to a few albums on my iPod. Talk about some awesome sounds. You just gotta hear em to believe em. j0j0, I hope you like your pair just as much as I do mine.

12-26-05, 05:10 AM
Yay I got mine! Anyway, by the time I got to try them I was a little toasted from the long holiday but they still sounded great. I tested them with a cd for half an hour, then a dvd for half an hour. I read they are meant to sound a lot better once burned in to but I don't know if there's any truth to it. Just out of curiousity did you get any kind of manual with yours? Mine were in the box alone but they look perfectly new. Was just a little suprised there is no documentation.

12-26-05, 11:17 AM
No I didn't get a manual, or at least I don't think I did. I was just excited alot and yanked em out to listen.