View Full Version : why does video go offscreen on hdtv?

12-09-05, 03:50 PM
i output through dvi to my hdtv. resolution is at 1920x1080. whenever i try to play video fullscreen portions go offscreen. like overscan.

i've seen mention of underscan control in forceware. does anyone know how i would access this?

Apollo 13
12-10-05, 04:01 AM
You need to go to the nView display settings in the conrtol panel, click on device settings button, and it's in one of those options. My PC isn't hooked to my HDTV right now so I wouldn't be able to tell you which option, but I know you'll find it.

12-10-05, 05:05 PM
Here ya go. Hope this helps (xmasgrin) (xmassign)