View Full Version : Nvidia Theatre Mode?

Darth Flatus
12-10-05, 07:15 AM
On my old ATI board there was a handy "Theatre Mode" setting in the "Overlay" tab for playing video like DVD's from the PC to my TV over S-Video. It would automatically re-size the image to fit the T.V.'s native resolution (1024X768) regardless of my monitor's resolution. Does Nvidia have a similar feature in their drivers (I'm building a 7800gt system right now)?

12-12-05, 02:47 AM
I'm wondering about this as well. I can get overlay to wotk but it cuts my movies on the edges a bit..

Any good idea?

12-12-05, 03:31 AM
I haven't seen it in NVIDIA WinXP drivers, but Theatre Mode is present in the old NVDVD application.