View Full Version : WTB: Original PCI Backplate for 6800 Ultra AGP

12-10-05, 03:29 PM
I've been pulling my Ultra out of my system a lot recently and noticed that the top screw hole for the card has become damaged. If any of you have a spare original plate left over after installing a new HSF, I'd like to work something out for it.

Heatware/ebay = Qlitchford

I'm not looking to spend a lot, if anything! (xmasgrin) Of course I'd cover shipping (You could throw it in an envelope and put a stamp on it...or preferably Priority).

So, my friends, can you help a brother out? (xmasmile)


12-10-05, 04:59 PM
Anyone know for sure if the dual-slot PCI backplates for the PCI-express 6800 Ultra will work for a AGP?

PS. You may want to consider one of these for $1.99 USD

I bought two for my SLI setup so I could free up some backplates for FireWire ports and lighting switches.

12-10-05, 07:55 PM
Hmmm.... I kinda need the giant two pci slot thing...I think?

Or maybe not. Regardless, thanks for the link!