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12-11-05, 01:16 PM
Bestbuy has them on sale 49.99, going to pick one up after the vikings game, It really has alot of good reviews.(xmassign)

12-11-05, 01:27 PM
i thought i was the only one who read their add paper on sundays LOL

12-11-05, 07:00 PM
I would have been fine with a G5 if the wheel wasn't annoyingly loud whenever you needed to scroll up.

12-11-05, 07:18 PM
Ms6000 Ftw

12-11-05, 07:21 PM
I would agree with that if the thumb button wasn't in such a godawful position. It's no good for those of us with short fingers.

12-11-05, 07:23 PM
yeh I have alien hands so I cant disagree with that.

12-11-05, 09:20 PM
ill be gettin me the MX518 as i am already getting nearly a $1000 worth of pc upgrades for christmas, and besides, i have to pay 80% of that 1k. i heard the G5 is very sensitive and takes time to get used to. and it only has 1 thumb button i think, or none at all. the great things with those [side buttons] are that if u play games competitively, as in being in a CAL clan on CSS, you can use those side buttons as your teamspeak 'push-to-talk' button and the other one to jump etc. G5 is still a great mouse all together.

yeh I have alien hands so I cant disagree with that.

send me a pic of those bad boys... :naughty:

12-12-05, 12:15 PM
Is there a real world reason to upgrade from an MX 1000 Laser Mouse to a G5 or G7? I am aware of the specs, etc.. How do these mice improve first person shooter's (like BF2) performance in actual gameplay?

BTW: I already have the G15 keyboard. I wonder if the mice and keyboard interact with software somehow.

12-13-05, 08:13 AM
I ordered a G7 for 72 earlier this week to replace my mx700. Was gonna get the G5 but didn't feel like downgrading from wireless.