View Full Version : Infamous HL2 stutter - uninstall/reinstall the answer?

12-12-05, 06:32 AM
Just upgraded my rig from a AGP-based Asus A8V/6800 Ultra combo to a PCI-E based Asus A8N-E/7800GTX OC... also gone from 1GB to 2GB of RAM. I had to do a complete reformat and reinstall of XP and all programmes, obviously - but I now seem to have the HL2 stutter, which I never experienced before. Typical stuff - framerate is 60-100fps, but still experiencing hitching, clearly sound related - done a few tweaks (snd_mixahead etc), but no improvement. The only difference bwteen this install and the old install is last time I defragmented my HD prior to starting Steam/getting updates for the first time... I understand that the game is using a massive 1GB of sounds, wondered if the install this time is not as 'compact' as it might be.

Bottom line: anyone solved this hitching problem by simply uninstalling and then reinstalling the game? Or is it really as intractable/unsolveable as some suggest?


12-12-05, 06:55 AM
I never solved it - CSS is fine as is Lost Coast but HL2 always hitched for me and still does - although its better now than it was when the game came out.

fix = play something else.

12-12-05, 10:12 AM
fix = play something else.


12-12-05, 05:38 PM
It comes and goes with various Steam updates I believe. Try disabling the autoupdate feature...

12-12-05, 09:35 PM
like many of us, just come to the realization that you're ****ed.