View Full Version : What's the deal with no v-sync on the 360?

12-12-05, 07:56 AM
Is it just me or is there a serious lack of v-sync on all Xbox360 games? I've played four games so far (Kameo, PGR3, PD0 and Condemned) and all exhibit video tearing in one form or another. Since NTSC designates 60 hertz as the refresh standard why didn't 360 game developers implement some sort of v-sync and triple buffering setting?

12-12-05, 11:57 AM
The only theory I can think of is saving memory.. with a shared 512mb that might be something of a priority..
a thirds framebuffer takes more space.. maybe even related to that EDRAM?
dunno really.. shame if you would have to live with severe tearing tho..

Mr. Hunt
12-12-05, 12:00 PM
Was brought up in the PDZ thread here a few days back... just went to find it and...

Here we go (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showpost.php?p=767175&postcount=19)

12-13-05, 11:06 AM
Out of the 4 games I own (PGR3 / PDZ / Condemned / Kameo) only PDZ shows lack of Vsync for me (screen tearing) the rest are fine.