View Full Version : question on pixel pipes and video memory

12-12-05, 10:55 AM
I am trying to buy someone a new AGP video card for Xmas and am trying to decide between 2 cards. X800gt and the 6800 plain jane. The X800gt has 256mb gddr3 of memory but only 8 pipes and the 6800 has only 128mb ddr of memory but 12 pipes. He will be using it to play games but only medium setting so which is better for that more pipes or more memory. The reason I decided on those 2 cards is that I can get them for around 180 each and that is all I have to spend at this time.

Thanks in advance for your help.

12-12-05, 11:03 AM
i dont know off hand, but i have seen lots of reviews around the web comaring the x800gt to the 6600gt. if thats the case, the 6800 will be a better buy

12-12-05, 11:39 AM
If he's only playing on medium settings, the 6800 is an overall better buy. With that card, you may get lucky and be able to unlock 4 more pipelines and an extra vertex processor, for a total of 16 and 6.

What games will he be playing primarily? If you know specific titles, post them.