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12-12-05, 11:33 AM
hey idk if im reading this wrong but ive seen many site that say the xbox 360 only had 512 ddr3 ram? its that just for the gpu or the entire system because that seems wayyy 2 low and only 500hz on the gpu? the grafix are sweet so they must be running a bare bones os on that thing, n e way, computers way better (cheers)

never saw that section sorry

12-12-05, 11:46 AM
The entire system has 512MB ram.

12-12-05, 11:46 AM
Reading that post makes my brain hurt.

Next time, post in the right section - note that there is a separate forum dedicated to console discussion.

12-12-05, 12:13 PM
the grafix are sweet so they must be running a bare bones os on that thing, n e way, computers way better (cheers)

Whatever! My 360 came preloaded with Windows Vista Enterprise Edition. (alf)

12-13-05, 08:00 AM
Such an uninformed post. You cannot simply compare a console to a PC based on specs. It's pure idiocy to do so. Despite sharing some similarities, consoles use their hardware in a different way.

And as for memory, the Xbox360 has 512MB GDDR3 shared memory for system, audio, and video purposes. It also uses 10MB of ED-RAM as a frame buffer. It's supposedly enough to handle 720P with 4xAA.

12-13-05, 02:26 PM
How about no.

Let's put it this way...

This generation:

Xbox - 64mb of crappy ass RAM = runs SCCT like a dream.
Gamecube - 41mb of crappy ass RAM = runs Metroid Prime and RE4 like a dream.
PS2 - 32mb of crappy ass RAM = runs God of War like a dream.

Look at the graphics that can be accomplished with that VERY limited amount of memory. Add another 448mb, turn it into DDR3, up the clock speeds by 2.5 ghz, throw two more cores on there, get a next generation GPU and let your imagination contemplate what can can be done with this next generation of consoles. But generally speaking, consoles are developed on MUCH more intimately than PC's. When you write an engine for a PC you have to make it very generic so that it can run on the millions of different kinds of computers that it will. The cost of that is a highly unoptimized resource managment system, that, coupled with the fact that the computer itself has to manage all other programs it's running and the OS itself makes for the crazy system requirements that games these days have. Developers know EXACTLY what they are working with on consoles, know exactly how much and how fast memory is, and can directly control it with much more ease, not only memory, but every part of the machine. That = a much more optimized and efficent engine.

In short - 512mb of DDR3 is an ASSLOAD of memory for a console.

(Oh, and the 500mhz GPU has twice the pipes (unified) of the best card on the market right now, and it has a sister processor, and 10mb of eDRAM).

Mr. Hunt
12-13-05, 03:49 PM
For once I agree with slick ;).

Consoles and PCs are worlds apart when it comes to specs... comparing apples to oranges.