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12-12-05, 01:45 PM
December 12, 2005 - The fan-driven campaign to save King's Quest IX has been successful. On Friday, Vivendi Universal Games announced that they have agreed to allow the fan-made game "King's Quest IX" to be released, under the new title of "The Silver Lining." The group making the game will be granted a fan license.

"We are so thrilled with this news," says Matt Compton, one of the members of the Save King's Quest IX campaign. "We were very hopeful that if we organized the fans of the King's Quest series, we would be able to get Vivendi's attention. It feels so good to know that we were successful in doing that."


12-12-05, 02:59 PM

Thanks jAkUp :D

12-12-05, 03:03 PM
that's great news.....the games that first got me into gaming are making a comeback.....prince of persia, kings quest....

12-12-05, 03:19 PM
My mind is officially blown. An online petition changed a publisher's mind concerning protection of their intellectual property? I half expect it to rain fire now!

Mr. Hunt
12-12-05, 03:54 PM
That is cool... many people talk bad about Vivendi Universal... but this was really cool of them :).

12-12-05, 07:19 PM
I was a huge fan of Sierra back in the day. What I like about the screen shots here is they give the feeling of the old games with nice graphics. "So you wanna be a hero" is still on of my favorite games of all time. I know it isn't KQ but it was fun as heck.

Acid Rain
12-12-05, 07:30 PM
Yay! Graphics or not, I'm on it. KQ is awesome. These guys have even included that same "streamlined for running your ass off" hat.

12-12-05, 07:52 PM
We need police quest back too! :D

12-12-05, 09:02 PM
Yay! Old school adventure games rule!!!

12-12-05, 09:06 PM
Yaaaa!!! (xmasgrin)

12-12-05, 09:13 PM
We need police quest back too! :D

And remember: we also need Hero's Quest aka Quest for Glory!!

12-13-05, 03:38 AM
Sweet, but I hope the up the polycount on things before it hits the streets hehe.. and perhaps look at the this newfangled "Shader" thingomajig..

12-13-05, 12:30 PM
aww yes the memorys. Open Door. Pick up key. (xmasgrin)


12-14-05, 12:20 AM
And remember: we also need Hero's Quest aka Quest for Glory!!

oh yeah I remember them!! I love Quest for Glory 1 and 2 but I hated when they went to the point and click interface. Police Quest 2 rocked!

12-14-05, 05:33 PM
wow vivendi learned from valve. GG. It's about time another publisher figured out the best develoeprs are their fanbase mod communities. I can't wait for this game. Woot for kings quest

12-14-05, 09:09 PM
dont forget about space quest...

12-14-05, 09:44 PM
What ever happened to quest for glory, i loved the game.