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12-12-05, 05:18 PM
I am building my daughter a computer and have noticed that my ATX connecter on my PSU is a 24 pin female --and the connecter on the motherboard is a 20 pin male , on closer inspection of the 24 pin female connecter i find that 4 pins on one end of it can disconnect from the 24 pins so making it a 20 pin connecter ( the part that comes off looks like the atx2 connecter but there is already one on there ) my question is can i leave that 4 pin connector off and just connect the 20 pin female to the 20 pin male without blowing or shorting anything ?
Thank you in advance for any help

12-13-05, 09:41 AM
I think you can. Just make sure the "spare" ones are not touching anything.

was it a BTX -> ATX issue or what, don't remember. Do remember that the extra connectors were not necesary.