View Full Version : Direct Access Ok/Cancel bug

12-13-05, 05:42 AM
I'm running 81.94, 6800GT with a Samsung 173p LCD monitor (buttonless, ie OSD through software).

I was surprised by the new Direct Access option in the latest drivers, and started playing with it a bit.

But, here's the bug (nVidia, please take note!):

If you make any changes, and hit 'Cancel', it doesn't return your settings to how they were before you opened that dialogue window. It leaves the settings that are currently active in the window. So, hitting 'Ok' or 'Cancel' has the same effect.

And, there isn't a 'reset to defaults' anywhere, so in order to get them back to the original values (which I didn't take note of before), I'll have to reinstall the drivers.

12-13-05, 06:33 AM
come again??

12-13-05, 07:19 AM
All issues/bugs relating to direct access should be posted here.