View Full Version : Quick Chipset Temperature question

12-13-05, 11:21 PM

I have a EPoX 9NDA3J mobo.
Just wondering what are normal temps for nForce 3 Ultra?

MBM is reporting (on Idle)
34C -> System
35C -> CPU
19C -> Case

Its summer now so ambient temp is higher but in winter i think its was something like

23 -> System
28 -> CPU
15 -> Case

34C for system temp seems a little high. Or is that normal?

12-14-05, 06:10 AM
No thats fine. The System temps are the little mosfets around the CPU and they are fine up to around 60-70C. If you have a HSF it creates air flow to help keep them cool. The only time you should worry is if you switch to watercooling. Then you should ensure your case fans are moving enough air to stop them from melting down.

12-14-05, 06:26 PM
ok. just checking :D TY!