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12-14-05, 01:15 PM
Um I just updated the new driver from nVidia on my eVGA 7800GT.

I uninstalled from within ADD REMOVE and rebooted twice to be sure. Hit cancel when XP tried to find a driver and installed brand new 81.95 driver. rebooted and fired up Farcry...

Damn. I just had to be going into an area in a level I have never been to and stuff is MESSED UP!!!

Since I have never been there before I don't know if it is driver or if it was already messed up. Figures. Just my luck.

The area is called COOLER I beleive and it's just before you find that chick.

In a BIG room with thse huge tanks and catwalks and staircases, the catwalks are completely buggered. Missing texutres on most of them. Some of the "frames" of the staircases are missing. Where these things are missing it is just a BLACK representation of them being there yet you can see stuff from below right through them. In some spots of the catwalk only the shiny textures remain Looks like walking on a thin ice catwalk with nothing below it.

The words painted on the huge cylinders in the room are not attached. They stick out several inches and are suspended in mid air.

A few times when those HUGE rocket soldiers charge you they leave some of thier skin behind and it catches up with them when they stop. Like being stoned wathcing them.

Anyone else remember that level?

I guess I need to go replay previous levels of simpular design to make sure it's just the one level?


12-14-05, 05:08 PM
What patch version are you using ?

12-14-05, 05:13 PM
What patch version are you using ?


Shall I repatch?

You think it could be the game?

12-14-05, 05:20 PM
I had similar problems with patch 1.33, i reinstalled and only patched to 1.3 and haven't seen the same problems, with the 1.33 patch the game was running fine until i got to the part where you enter the hallway to destroy the communication tower then everything started going crazy, the floor was black in places etc