View Full Version : Radeon's FSAA doesn't work with older games?

12-15-05, 10:30 AM
Well, my notebook uses Radeon 7000 IGP, which IIRC is among the first generation of Radeon (before 8500?).

Last night I tried to install European Air War (unpatched); a pretty much old game (DirectX 6 game). Of course I set 4x FSAA in Radeon Control Panel. And then....

FSAA simply didn't work.

Yup. The jagged lines were blatantly noticeable. I was sure because I used 640x480 resolution, where FSAA (or the lack thereof) should be more noticeable.

I wonder, why? IIRC early Radeons use supersampling FSAA, which is independent of geometry data, so compatibility shouldn't be a problem. Also, EAW supports Direct3D as well as Glide, so again, compatibility shouldn't be a problem. And Radeon 7000 IGP does have FSAA capability. In fact, FSAA works in Return to Castle Wolfenstein (albeit hurting the frame rate considerably), both in 32-bit and 16-bit color depth.

So why didn't it work? And how about new cards like ATI X1000 or GeForce 6800? Should I keep my Voodoo5 5500 just to see FSAA in older games?

12-15-05, 11:48 AM
I think the problem is probably your particular chip. That is a very old radeon and Ati's aa support didn't really become viable untill the r300 came about. Also, I used to own a radeon 9500pro then 9800pro, and aa worked just fine with older games, even quake1, FF7, and Carmageddon 2. Getting those games to work was a huge pain in the ass, but getting aa on them was easy.

12-15-05, 12:34 PM
I have a vague memory about 16bit color in OpenGL situations.. Radeons wouldnt work with AA in those situations.. like Grim Fandango for example..
Try forcing 32bit color if you can, RTCW should run in 32bit color (if it isnt already)
ah tried it already.. hmm, doesnt seem like it IS running 32bit color tho.. if memory serves that is..
oh, issues in d3d aswell... hehe, my my I dont read too well..