View Full Version : TV-Out on the nForce4 6150, Issues

12-19-05, 02:42 AM
Hi ppl

I originally had the ASUS A8V-Deluxe motherboard together with a Leadtek GeForce4 Ti 4200-8X display card. I used this machine to power my home entertainment system. It had MS Media Center Edtion 2005 installed. I had my TV( Which is almost as old as me, 22 ) connected to this System. I had the TV connected to the VCR which in tern was connected to the PC. I used a S-Video to RCA convertor. I used RCA cables and the PC was set to work on Composite Out and N/PAL. This worked well, gave me full colour and was nice and crisp.

I now purchased the GIGABYTE GA-K8N51PVMT-9, this board has everything I need but, there is a problem. When I set it to Auto Select( One of the three options( Auto Select, Composite Out, S-Video ) it gives me only a black and white display on the TV ( I get the same when choosing S-Video out), I can't clone( can't have the same image on the TV and PC screen ). When I set it to N/PAL it gives me a black and white view. Then if I set it to run on Composite Out It gives me a short view of the way it's meant to be with full colour and then it goes blank.

I have tried different drivers and every combination. Any Ideas?

The other problem I have with this board is that sometimes it refuses to start up. CPU Fan and PSU goes on but no display. I am running a brand new 450W Coolermaster PSU. Please help :surrender

12-19-05, 09:44 AM
i have a asus a8n cmv same chipset and sometime when you turn off spread spectrum it wont boot, also if you mess with HT you lose a lot of performance, and when you overclock its does that boot thing, where you have to power down, start powerdown again sometimes and poweron to get the monier to turn on. Im not sure about the gigabyte board but asus already knows about this so i assume everyone does and i would just wait for new bios relases its a widespread chipset problem it seems???? n e way, if you fix it let me know how you did it hehe and if its media center just leave it on all the time anyway

as far as the video out, there a popular 3rd party configurator that will let you selsect the settings and moniters and what not, i forgot the name but you should be able to get it through google, im building a projector so hopefully i wont have the same problem when i hook it up to the mobo(xmassign)