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12-19-05, 07:27 PM
A friend of mine what to get a one of the games named above for her friend for christmas. She asked which is better I told her COD 2. Which do you guys is better?

12-19-05, 07:32 PM
I like both but BIA: EiB is a little more complicated since you have to command your squad.

12-19-05, 07:56 PM
Cod2 Ftw

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12-20-05, 12:03 AM
BiA sucks for PS2 apparently. I'd go for the Big Red One, even though neither are spectacular titles.

12-20-05, 02:05 AM
considerding that COD2 biggest advantages is graphics which you won't see on a PS2, i'd go with BIA because in imo the gameplay is better.

12-20-05, 02:26 AM
I will ask the unasked questions... Which COD2? The PS2 version which is Big Red One or the PC?

I would still say COD2 though, Big Red One is a very nice game. It feels very cinematic and has some good atmosphere.

12-20-05, 08:22 AM
We're comparing games that most people haven't played here.

CoD2 Big Red One, which is a sequel to CoD Finest Hour which was available on PS2/Xbox/GC. The game uses the same engine as CoD1 I believe, and it is similar, but the missions are different, it's a different game. It's same kind of game as CoD1, but the missions are somewhat different.

BiA Earned in Blood is the same game as the PC one, just downgraded considerably I guess.

Going by ratings, tell her to go with Big Red One. This is what GameSpot had to say about BiA EiB for PS2.

All of the problems that plagued the PlayStation 2 version of the original Brothers in Arms are front and center once again, making for a lackluster port of a great game.

Score: 6.7 (Fair)

CoD2 BRO got 7.0 for the PS2.

Anyway, I also think that if she has an Xbox, then she should go for Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood. The shooter did much better on Xbox and it's got better controls and better graphics. If she only has PS2, then CoD2 Big Red One.

12-20-05, 01:09 PM
this is kind of off topic, but with quotes like that, how do people ever think consoles will ever pass up PC's