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12-20-05, 12:29 AM
Well it arrived earlier then I thought from Fed Ex. All was good or so I thought. When I look inside the case the harddrive has almost fallen to the bottom of the case. Thats the first thing I had to fix. Then I realize that there is no power connected to the CDROM and to the Floppy. Oh boy now thats great. Therefore, I fixed that as well.

Well I get the thing setup then I realize that there is no DVI to VGA adaptor for my monitor, even though the company should have provided it(part of the EVGA bundle-got everything else!). Well after looking all over town for the adaptor and calling lots of places, I decided to get a new monitor altogether. Well I bought the Samsung Syncmaster 730g it at Best Buy and the guy that sells it gives me the whole "don't worry everything is there" speech. The product had been previously opened. I get home at 10PM and it has a VGA connector not the DVI. I about lost it right then.

The next day I go back there and I talk to that guys manager and I end up getting a DVI cable for nothing. Well I put it on and volia everything runs fine. I gotta say that this Dual Core is smooth. I just hate having to set my affinity several old games. Annoys the hell outta me. Overall this pc is sweet.

The 7800 runs Call of Duty 2 on 1280x1024 directx7 without a hitch. Knock that up to Directx 9 and I still cant get 60 steady fps. All my old games like the Medal of Honor series look better then ever and play great. Pacific Assault runs perfect and well everything runs good.

Overall I would probably not order from Ibuypower again unless I wanted to still have to put part of the pc back together again. Tech Support isnt great couldnt even get a hold of them. Got the ol' leave a message and we will get back to u routine. Had to call them because my Teamspeak and my sound drivers were conflicting. I hate realtek, the Nvidia drivers for my Nforce 4 Mobo Saved me. Thank god it works I have been through a bit of hell.

All of yah have a Merry Xmas I know I will!(xmassign)

12-20-05, 01:18 AM
Congrats on the new system. As far as the monitor, I wish more LCDs with DVI would supply the cable as part of the package. It's a little misleading, I think, because that adds like another $40 or more to the price.

If they don't have the AMD X2 CPU driver installed, install that. That'll solve some of the affinity issues. You can also install the Microsoft Dual-Core hotfix and that will almost completely eliminate the need to use the affinity option and it improves performance slightly. After installing the CPU driver and MS hotfix, I only have one game where I still need to set the affinity option, and that's Painkiller.

If you don't want to muck with the system at all, you can use utilities like runfirst to make setting the affinity option less of a hassle.

Son Goku
12-20-05, 01:40 AM
If you payed for something to be included in the purchase price, and it's inclusion was part of the sales agreement between you and the seller; then it should be in the box. If not, they should provide it "free of charge" as in truth, you really did pay for it. That's assuming that:

- It was listed in the products description as included. To tell the consumer it's included and then not provide it is false advertizing and arguably fraudulent. Not sure if you did chose to buy the monitor and some of these other components. A product description on their website; would include, in writting indication of what you agreed to purchase for the stated price...

- The needed cables, if one selected the option to purchase a complete system, though perhaps not stated is almost a given. Your average person, and quite logically wouldn't expect for instance that selling a system with an IDE hard drive; would be shipped without an IDE cable (because we didn't say we'd put one on, in putting the system together) :rofl

Now, as to the condition things get shipped in; sometimes Fedex, UPS, and the like do mess things up in shipping. This could account for the hard drive. Nothing this bad; but when I rebuilt my old PII 400 for my father (included a 700 MHz celery, and upgraded the RAM to 256 MB, and then installed win2k for him); it arrived with one of the IDE cables having fallen off the CD-Rom drive. Though everything was securly mounted still after shipping, and in that he hasn't worked on PCs before, he had to take it to a shop to get the cable re-connected.

I used to know an OEM who had trouble with UPS at times; and sometimes at cost to herself, had to rebuild people's comps and re-send them because of problems in shipping. She couldn't see passing it to the customer, so coughed it up out of her own pocket...

Hopefully there is some insurance on that package. Either way, keep an eye on that comp and if things start going weird within the period specified by the companies return policy, with the condition it arrived in; ship it back for a refund or replacement (minus what you bought seperate of course).

12-20-05, 02:35 AM
I found and installed the X2 Driver now how do I do this Microsoft Hotfix?

12-20-05, 03:38 AM

Anyways, why not build your own PC? I would never buy a pre-built PC again. I have been building my own PCs since P100. Last computer I purchased pre-built was the 486 SX from IBM but I was only 10-12 back then.

12-20-05, 11:13 AM
It worked I now have no problems with the affinity and all that. All is fixed as far as I can tell.

12-20-05, 12:36 PM
As for the sound issues...get an X-Fi. ;)

12-20-05, 02:10 PM
Well man I would love to but I am out of cash. The integrated sound is not that bad compared to what it was on my old FIC AM35 Mobo. I got it fixed now. It actually sounds good.

12-20-05, 02:30 PM
I found and installed the X2 Driver now how do I do this Microsoft Hotfix?

If you end up wanting to give it a shot, just check this post. I couldn't find it earlier and just now stumbled across it again.