View Full Version : help me borgafy computer, need electrition

12-21-05, 04:03 PM
I picked up one of those cool borg circal energy disks the other day and i need help wireing it to a molex

ok theres a car adapter so i could do itthrough that or the thing itself says it takes DC 12v 500ma

ive seen mods where people wire automotive lights and i think ive seen someone do a disk before, can someone help me with this, im novice at electricity but i can soldier no problem, thanks (cheers)

if i need ac let me know id have to take this one back and get the ac one but idk

12-21-05, 05:17 PM
this might help http://www.directron.com/neonlight1.html

Let me know how it turns out im sorta a trekkie