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01-12-03, 11:29 AM
ok so I bought a motherboard for a friend of mine. It was a cheaper model. The problem is I set some incorrect settings and now it won't boot. No problem I say I will just use the clear coms jumper. The only problem is that this board appears NOT to have one! The manual says there is one but the picture in the manual (as usual) differs from the actually motherboard I have. It should be labeled JBAT1 however I can't find it and neither can my friend. Is it even possible for a mobo NOT to have a clear cmos jumper?

I have looked everywhere for one taken out all the card etc. My question is is there any way to clear the cmos without using the jumper? I mean I took out a battery. (I don't know if it was for the cmos of not) and unplugged the comp for about a minute still nothing.

Any help wold be great. The motherboard is a ECS elitegroup mobo. From research I believe it to be an L4IBME.

01-12-03, 02:56 PM
Some people claimed that needed to leave the motherboard an entire weekend with no battery to clear the CMOS. I'd suggest you to try it, at least an entire night. Some seconds are not enough, the capacitors still feed the CMOS.

01-12-03, 03:05 PM
If the board you have is truly an ECS L4IBME, you are looking for the wrong jumper. The clear CMOS for this board is JP1...It is located to the bottom-right of the board...to the left of the chipset that is directly below the IDE headers.

Head to ECS' website and downlaod the manual for the mobo if you need help....that took me all of 2min to find the jumper in question...

When in doubt, go to the vendor's website...you'll find an answer there much faster ( and typically more often ) than any forum...

Regardless, good luck!


01-12-03, 07:19 PM
sorry pelly that is what I did. And actually I was wrong that is not the right motherboard. :( I wonder if holding insert would work that advice would have been helpful soon tho. oh well guys thanks a lot! Maybe it will work after all :)

01-12-03, 08:16 PM
No prob man...certainly didn't mean to sound harsh in that post...just trying to save you some time and frustration...

If you look on the board, there should be a model number silk-screened somewhere that will tell you what mobo you actually have. From there, just go grab the manual online from the vendor and you should be in business...

Good luck, let us know how things work out...