View Full Version : Help: wich are the best softwares for Forceware drivers?

12-22-05, 05:16 AM
My uncle just bought a 6800GT for 200$, while till now was using a 9800pro

for me is years i don't update drivers coz of my GF4mx so i need ur help guys:

1) wich is the best driver cleaner for unistall drivers?

2) wich is the best program to un-hide the hidden features of the FW drivers?

3) wich is the best proram that remove the 60hz limit of WinXP?

for the 2nd doesn't FW already have the possibility to remove the 60hz limit? does it works?

12-22-05, 05:21 AM
1 = Driver Cleaner Pro v1.2

2 = Coolbits

3 = reforce (or force it via the games .cfg file)

12-22-05, 10:32 AM
thanks :)