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12-22-05, 11:38 AM
X3 the reunion patch 1.3 out. enjoy


12-22-05, 12:56 PM
no release notes, fix list or even link?.. what are you? the grinch? (xmasgrin)

12-22-05, 01:06 PM
no release notes, fix list or even link?.. what are you? the grinch? (xmasgrin)

I was just thinking that myself. (xmastong)

That would be the equivelent of a thread stating "how to grow money on trees" without telling you how or linking to it.

Shaaaaame! (snowman)

12-22-05, 01:18 PM
mysh saves christmas ;)


several mirrors for it on there. I won't hotlink them. :)

Just tested it out, performance is improved a little, maybe 10-20%, haven't had chance to test if any of the mission bugs are fixed.

full release notes:

New functionality

- Mobile mining!
- Sector enhancements
- Complete tips menu with all game tips introduced
- Destroyed stations leave wrecks
- Previously missing ships have been activated (Argon Discoverer, Teladi Osprey)
- Missiles have a new look
- Intermediate products in a complex can now be selected in the "sell for best price" menu
- Intermediate products in a complex may now be bought, sold or both (global setting per complex)
- A new ship is available: the Split Caiman Miner

Performance and options

- HUD render performance increased
- Bullet render performance increased
- CPU load reduced, increasing overall performance
- Additional user-defined graphics options
- Optimised overall shader performance
- Higher quality/speed of medium shaders

Balancing and economy

- NPC fight AI improved
- Ship collision-avoidance AI improved
- GOD engine rebalanced and enhanced to affect economy
- M1 & M2 shield generators increased
- M2 laser generators increased
- M6 class ships can now execute trade commands (buy/sell ware/best price)
- M6 class ships can now install the Mobile Drilling System (suitable for mobile mining!)
- Intermediate product distribution logic has been fixed for complex building
- Swarm missiles rebalanced
- NPC AI tweaked to allow dumbfire missile usage
- Pirate stations spawn pirate ships
- Increased NPC fights and conflicts
- Kha'ak fighters rebalanced (don't say we didn't warn you )
- Several plot stages have better balance
- Other minor balancing improvements


- Plot elements restored to working (should work for existing save-games too)
- Plot-ending Argon rank bug fixed
- Quantum Tube Fab in Bala Gi's Joy will be re-created if neccessary
- Miria contacts player after she has been rescued from the pleasure complex
- Mine for The Seed is now producing
- Several other minor plot issues resolved
- "Broken" jumpgates now really look broken
- If the storage of a complex is full the running production cycle will not exit until there is enough room for the produced goods
- Argon versus Boron battle issues resolved
- Captured ship-speed bug fixed
- Ships hitting gate following jump fixed
- Followers don't forget their command after docking
- Decreasing numbers of AI ships over time fixed
- Astronauts filling up docking slots fixed
- Fixes to several autosave and savegame CTD problems
- Many other minor problems resolved

Note: Savegame compatibility is maintained from all previous versions to 1.3

Since we have not been able to reproduce the reported freeze issues that some people experienced with previous versions, we cannot be 100% certain whether these have been fixed. We advise anyone who is still having such problems to report them here in the forums so that we can investigate further and provide assistance.

12-22-05, 05:13 PM
Nice patch and nice performance gains! The shockwave laser or what its called like (the blueish wide thing) reduces framerate much stronger than it did in 1.2, actually so much that I can call them freezes, but only when I turn towards the effect. I think it might be an issue with the 81.85 drivers (6800nu) and the tweaked effect in v1.3.

Acid Rain
12-22-05, 07:24 PM
Awesome. I nice fat patch. Time to head back into the devastatingly refreshing X3. (xmasmile)

12-22-05, 08:58 PM
sorry i totally forgot to link it and right after i posted i left for work lol. I didn't even get to patch haha, till just now. But i work at 7 am tommorow so prolly can't play for long.

12-23-05, 02:47 AM
great patch - I had a quick look last night and it seems good.

12-23-05, 04:24 AM
This patch is completely fuxed up. Apparently a lot of people are having problems, myself included.
Here's a few:

1) The big fps fix was simply removing all reflections from ships, or so it seems. In any case, there are no reflections on ships anymore.
2) Stations disappear and either never come back, or go directly to Duke's Domain as in my game.
3) The constant enemy spawning is fun for exactly 20 min. I had to put destroyers with cruiser escorts at almost every gate to Xenon sectors, and then destroy a bunch of pirate bases just so I could equip a ship w/o constantly getting interrupted by "one of your ships is under attack".
4) There are miscellaneous problems of various sorts and size that people are reporting. My biggest ones so far are 1 and 2.

12-23-05, 04:28 AM
I'll take your word for it as I hav'nt played much yet.

12-23-05, 07:53 AM
Any demo yet? :p

12-23-05, 08:41 AM
I installed the new 81.98 drivers and the shockwave laser isnīt that bad anymore. Only the first time when the shockwaves appear, the HDD is working hard for a second or two and then everything is smooth as silk.

The reflections have lost so much detail that you could say they are gone, and this sucks. They could have at least put in a "reflection detail" setting, but not remove them like that and claim a performance gain. Performance wasnīt such a big issue for me in the first place, only during huge fights with tons of small ships and capital ships (end squence was really really slow). Iīm pretty sure a script writer will bring the reflections back or Egosoft will add the setting. (fingers crossed)

One thing is for sure, the X universe isnīt boring anymore, tons of hostiles and the damn M4 and M5 ships are quite a challenge now. Fighting AI is better and Iīm getting my ass owned by Pirates, Khaak and Xenon. Before I could take 5 enemies at the same time in my Mamba Raider and pwn them but now its quite tough.

Iīm more a fighter type and actually like this change. I have currently just 2 UTs, 32 million and 10 fighters that I collect for a strike fleet in Black Hole Sun. I usually just patrol thru the universe in my Mamba and fight and cap hostiles, from time to time I jump to my UTs and protect them. Someone who is all into trading will have issues since there are much more hostiles. Thats the dumb thing, you canīt make it perfect for everyone. The people who like action are now happy since the "boring" universe is gone, and the people who like to trade are now pissed since its much harder now.

I donīt have the extreme slow down bug in the sector Ore Belt. I was there and there seem to be tons of more asteriods (many other sectors have more asteroids now as well), and there was a Khaak destroyer and carrier and at least 15 fighters. The frame rate was about twice as fast as Argon Prime during patch 1.2 and that during heavy action. Beautiful.

EDIT: No demo yet, CaptnKill.:wimp:

12-23-05, 04:52 PM
anyone have any idea where the east gate inside 'the hole' sector has gone? ive flown up and down the sector 10 or 15 times lol, and i cannot find either the east or south gates. Only the north one from wich you enter and the west one.

12-23-05, 07:39 PM
They are positioned like this -

Upper left and lower right corners, two gates per corner.

12-24-05, 02:37 PM
Seeing this patch made me order the game today .. hope i made a good decision!

12-24-05, 03:04 PM
X3 is a fantastic game, be warned though - it does take a LOT of time to learn and progress through the X Universe.

If you need any tips/maps handy co-ordinates for empty ships to salvage then let me know.

12-24-05, 03:08 PM
X3 is a fantastic game, be warned though - it does take a LOT of time to learn and progress through the X Universe.

If you need any tips/maps handy co-ordinates for empty ships to salvage then let me know.

Thanks :) .. i played through X & X2 so i think i know a good deal about it now.

12-24-05, 06:30 PM
I'm a little confused about this game. Do you actually control the ship you fly, or click around with a mouse? Or a bastardized control with a mouse like a FPS?

Is there alot of action and fights and stuff?

How does this compare to Wing Commander Privateer?

12-25-05, 12:07 AM
its a space sim, just like others out, can use a joystick if you want, I useto use a controler with X2 but found the mouse and keyboard quite well for X3 so using as default instead atm.

the game is not really built around the story, its main focus is to give players the ability to play how they wish, if they want to explore, pirate, run a business, or conquer the galaxy. you start small and can become well liked or hated. buy bigger ships, improve as much as you can, set what types of weapons you wish to use, full blast fire or lighter more frequent fire. do you like fighters or cruising along in your cruiser or destroyer class ship. Build stations to trade, buy, sell in the universe, its well alive with AI roaming about their business, do you want to compete with them in sales or do you want to take over a sector and bully your way up. You can hire / buy other transporter ships to do the trading for you as in import / exporting goods around the universe.

you can just go explore, the universe itself, its pretty huge, you will encounter pirates, and other races, 2 of which kill on sight. the game is pretty big in depth, its not for the light hearted and you really have to sit down and take time with it in order to begin to understand, once you get to know your way around the HuD / UI, what weapons do what, what kind of power, what ships are fighters, transporters for goods etc, then the game becomes pretty easy to understand.

Hope this helps some. :)

(edit) as of last patch the pirates seem to be more frequent, I find myself running into them way more, the fighting in X3 is alot better then it was in X2 imo, its alot more fast paced, the game also uses physics, you can thrust ahead, full stop your ship, turn and blast back at the enemy while your ship keeps drifting back, then fire your engines again to avoid any incoming missles or fire. fights can be pretty hectic, especially if your dog fighting with several pirates. I tell you what though, its pretty damn kool feeling to warp into a sector with your destroyer and fighter class ships and just go at it with a enemy race in a full out war.

12-25-05, 01:31 AM
sounds good, I'm gonna check it out.

sounds like it might be a good mix between WC Priv and the old text BBS game TradeWars.

12-25-05, 03:39 AM
I use a joystick to fly and fight and a mouse/keyboard to mess arroud with the HUD and GUI.

12-28-05, 10:13 PM
I just bought this game on CD.. it won't install.. gets stuck on CD 2.. WTF?!

12-28-05, 10:57 PM
I just bought this game on CD.. it won't install.. gets stuck on CD 2.. WTF?!

Dang now i'm worried :| .. i've read about this issue on some other places aswell. have you checked Egosoft's forums about this ?

12-28-05, 11:04 PM
Dang now i'm worried :| .. i've read about this issue on some other places aswell. have you checked Egosoft's forums about this ?

I just got another copy.. installing it now.. wish me luck.

12-28-05, 11:09 PM
I just got another copy.. installing it now.. wish me luck.

Good luck .. heres the fix anyway!!!