View Full Version : About ready to give up.

12-22-05, 09:03 PM
Well I dont know where to turn, I have tried everything I can think of so Im hoping someone might be able to help. I have the same problem whether I use winxp pro 32 or 64 bit OS. My system freezes and locks up while watching online videos (SBC YAHOO) or playing a BF2 game. When I begin running BF2 (before I pick a game server) if I have SLI enabled I get two thin vertical lines running down the length of my monitor about a half an inch from each other to the left most side of my monitor. These two verticals lines have a green retangular block about 1 inch long between them around the middle of the monitor that grows bigger with louder sounds and smaller with quietier sounds and almost disappears with no audio. Once at my desktop my speakers starting making loud popping noise without me doing anything and in addition my system freezes periodically and the only way to restart my pc with both circumstances is too do a hard restart.

All drivers are current. Im running bios version 1009 on my A8N32 motherboard, beta version 82.12 graphics drivers for my 7800GTX videos cards on both the 32 bit and 64 bit OS , 6.82 version chipset drivers for my motherboard on both the 32 or 64 bit OS. Creative Fatal1ty 32 bit and 64 bit drivers version 2.07.0004.

I have onboard sound disabled in bios, all sata ports are enable in bios and every other setting pretty much at default. Im not overclocking anything. I have four (two pair in Raid 0) WD Raptors on my nforce4 chipset. I dont have any device manager conflicts . I can play audio cd's without any problem but then again I sometimes have instantanous audio popping sounds or random lockups/freezes. But I always have problems watching online videos (of course with audio) or starting a new online BF2 game. I hope someone can help.

12-23-05, 12:11 PM
Well Im now just focused on winxp 32 bit. I tried the MS hotfix for dual cpu and updated the regisrty, udated my x2 4800+ drivers, disabled quiet and cool in BIOS, disabled the gpu load balancing (got rid of vertical lines) , disabled SLI and didnt choose the x-fi in BF2 audio section I kept it at default settings. I started the game and it ran without freezing for about a minute. I had to hard reset my system. About the only thing left to try is remove my Fatal1ty card and go with onboard sound or try keep the Fatal1ty card in and remove one of my 7800gtx cards effectively getting rid of SLI. Im completely lost. BF2 or online videos freeze and lock up, I dont know what else to try.