View Full Version : Installing new Athlon64 X2-4400 what drivers ?

12-23-05, 12:37 AM
Just bought my first dual core processor, Athlon64 X2-4400 :) I will be installing a fresh WinXP-Pro, what advice can you give me ?

I heard there is a AMD driver for the X2's is this a MUST install, and also read about a Microsoft patch for SP2 for the X2's as well ? Is that also a MUST too ?

To be honest my first install went bad tonight, I installed the CPU fine, with a great fan, loaded up WinXP, and some drivers, installed the AMD driver, still good, then installed the Microsoft patch for X2 and things went bad from there, I even did the regedit fix for the X2, and it got worse from there. The biggest problem was installing my last driver, the ATI 5.13's for my X1800XT, it would just give me an error half way through installing the drivers, the thrid time worked, but every time Windows loaded up, an .exe error reported, and within several seconds, the computer would go blue screen and restart itself everytime.

I am tired now, have to go sleep. I will start fresh tomorrow afternoon, reading this thread for replies from your smart guys on what to do ? I plan to just reinstall Windows again "fresh", and NOT do the Microsoft X2 patch or regedit >? But what about the AMD X2 driver ?


12-23-05, 08:28 AM
Make sure to keep .NET 1.1 installed or the ATI CCC will error out or hangup every time you go to launch it.

12-23-05, 02:53 PM
Thanks, I dont think I got that far with Windows update, after SP2, I would go to Update and a red X would show up on the page, saying issues with server from Microsoft ?