View Full Version : weird mouse crash. Need help.

12-23-05, 01:09 AM
Yes, as weird as it sounds, my mouse is crashing! Allow me to explain:

sometimes It just suddenly stops moving (the cursor). The actual mouse works, but the pointer on-screen doesnt move any more.
It's been doing so for the last 3 days. Sometimes it does so and I have to reboot, and sometimes it works perfectly.

I have no idea what is happening. I reverted back to a system restore point... didn't work.

I was thinking of repairing windows. Any ideas?

12-23-05, 01:55 AM
OMFG, does the mouse change to different icons? Like if you scroll over the resize, it changes to arrows, but stays in the same place? If so thats really funny, because the exact same thing is happening on my work machine with Windows 2000. I have no clue how it happened, it just does it at random, forcing me to reboot to get the cursor to become "unstuck." It really pisses me off, I can still use it, but I have no cursor... really weird.

Its been doing this to me for like the last 5 days or so... I say it happens like 6 times a day or something... sometimes it will unstick itself after a few seconds, but usually I have to reboot.

12-23-05, 02:22 PM
Yup, it happens exactly as you say Jak... except it never becomes unstuck.

This is really frustrating. I'm guessing it's a faulty Windows Update or something, but I'm running XP. :wtf:

12-23-05, 02:38 PM
Yea, it probably unsticks itself like 5% of the time. All the other times I have to use the keyboard to reboot. Really weird... and its not anything in paticular that I'm doing... I can just be using windows, and it freezes. I thought it was Konfabulator, but I'm not sure.

12-25-05, 06:57 PM
I thought my problem was because my iTouch software....

I found a rather radical solution to the problem, and so far so good...

Just slam in the windows CD and perform a complete repair. :D
That did it for me, hehehe.

Merry Christmas...