View Full Version : Opinions on Summer Upgrade Plan?

12-23-05, 03:13 AM
Cpu: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (Socket 939 90nm Rev. D0 Winchester). [---------> AMD Athlon 64 3500+ (S939 130nm ClawHammer).
Memory: 2x Mushkin Basic Dual 512MB PC3200 CAS2.5-3-3-8 (@ 2-3-3-6* 1T) 128-Bit Configuration.
Video Card: BFG GeForce 6800 GT "OC" (@Stock AIC 370/1000). [---------> NVIDIA G80/NV50 (whatever the next generation is)
Miscallenous: LSI Logic 53c1010 Ultra 160 SCSI-3 Single Channel 64-Bit Controller, SCSI-3/ATA100 Round cables.
Sound Card: Creative Labs Soundblaster Audigy.
Ethernet Adapter: Intel Pro 100 S Desktop adapter.
Motherboard: EPoX EP-9NDA3+ NVIDIA nForce3 ULTRA. [---------> EPoX EP-9NPA3 ULTRA NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra
Cooling System:
1) ThermalTake SmartFan 2, 75.7cfm 4800rpm, 80mm. (case fan)
2) 2500 RPM. (case fan)
3) AMD Athlon 64 Retail Heatsink/Fan.
Power Supply: Antec TruePower 380Watt.
1) Seagate Cheetah 15k.3 18GiB 15K RPM SCSI-3 Ultra 320.
2) Seagate Cheetah X15 36LP 18GiB 15K RPM SCSI-3 Ultra 160.
3) Samsung Spinpoint 40GiB 5400 RPM ATA100.
4) Samsung 48X ATA33 CD-ROM.

the EPoX EP-9NPA3 ULTRA placed in about 2nd in the Anandtech nForce4 Ultra roundup to DFI's Lanparty Ultra-D board. the price break on the EPoX @ 85 USD is irrestistible though. i'm getting the AMD Athlon 64 3500+ (and $10) in exchange for my current cpu+motherboard. my "BFG" GeForce 6800 GT "OC" 256MB AGP card is currently up for bid above $200 on eBay at the moment to help pay for the next gen NVIDIA part.

i don't plan on upgrading the sound card because i do not ever encounter 24-bit sound with what i do, unless some games will incorporate 24-bit sound in the future. on the other hand i could justify upgrading to 2GB of ram.

do you guys approve of my decisions?

12-23-05, 03:19 AM
I'm planing on a dual-core cpu myself, the hype indicates more and more multi thread apps/programs are going to released in the near future, and finally there will be a 'real' actual reason to have a dual-core instead of just having one to post high cpu benchmarks.