View Full Version : coolbits 2 worse performance

12-23-05, 06:15 AM
Hey guys,
Im wondering If any 1 can establish why im getting worse 05 scores once I throw coolbits 2 into the registry.I pump up the GPU's a bit and 05 drops by 4,000.
Wats goin on?
Any ideas(xmassign)

05 score @ the mo. http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=1595843

12-23-05, 10:41 AM
Does it happen with coolbits 2 installed and leaving the GPUs at stock settings? If not, drop your overclock bit by bit to see if there is a spot where the performance doesn't drop.

12-24-05, 12:28 AM
Yeah perhaps you just overclocked too high. Also make sure you haven't changed the SLI rendering mode. It should be on Auto.