View Full Version : Im switching from Ati to an sli setup

12-24-05, 06:47 AM
Now im looking to set a new pc up with Asus sli deluxe premium motherboard
2 gig crucial 3200 ram (optron 148 already owned)
+ im open to opinions but this is the card im looking at
is it really worth it http://www.komplett.co.uk/k/ki.asp?sku=314963&cks=PRL
Its grt with its own power supply and the ability to go sli in the future for 4 gpu set up
Or is it better to go with 2 7800gt 's
Or is it better to go with 2 7800gtx 's
its already overclocked by Asus and supposidly runs at near 2 7800gtx speeds
oppinions please
Or should i wait for the next line of cards
Many thx
Or should i be looking at the x1800xts

12-24-05, 07:29 AM

if your not going to go SLI with this card when you buy it i think you'd be better off with 7800GTX(512) in SLI

12-24-05, 07:36 AM
Trouble is 2 gtx 512's is gonna cost 200 more + id need another power supply then another 100 just cant stretch that far yet
When the price comes down a bit more ill get another one and have the quad set up @) when the drivers support it tho

12-24-05, 07:41 AM
i'd just go with one gtx (512) in that case....but i'd wait to hear what some other people think as well

12-24-05, 07:58 AM
thx i will

12-24-05, 08:05 AM
+ the issues they were haveing in that review is directly a problem of unsupported drivers

Using the 1 card setup i will be able to use the latest nvidia drivers hopefully without issues unless someone knows different

12-24-05, 12:33 PM
This is a very nice piece of hardware,something that stays out of the crowd and the card is limited.
I would go for this card.

12-24-05, 12:55 PM
If u can find a 512 GTX just buy one and then buy one more later off ebay or something.
The (1) 512 just kills about everything.

Crossfire might be ok next year after ati refineds it and gets
it to market "for real". (xmassign)

12-24-05, 04:36 PM
Thx n0trix at least 1 vote in my favour
Im gonna go with an asus sli premium 2 gig crucial 3200 ram
this card and a thermletake shark black case + my optron 148 at 2700 should do me for a while i think
The 7800 gtx's are like rocking horse do dar in the uk and are priced round the £450 to £500 mark which is too much i think 2 of then at a £1000 + £100 + for a real good power supply not worth it but ill keep you posted when im up and running on 3d marks etc and thx for the comments
Feel free to add more

12-24-05, 04:38 PM
oh and theres 5 left at Komplett but i might be needing one more if nvidia get there drivers sorted but dont tell the wife lol

12-24-05, 11:52 PM
I'm running two 7800GTs in SLi. Like you say mojo, UK prices are a joke.
I picked the pair of these up for £500 inc VAT which is pretty darn good for over here.

12-25-05, 09:18 AM
exactly my point UK prices