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12-24-05, 12:38 PM
I was having a conversation with someone that "thinks" they no a ton about computers, yet they are always asking me to help them when they are in PC woes....not that they even listen to my advice (a whole other topic)...

Anyway, he just bought a new rig (but refuses a floppy). He says he has a legit XP CD but it is no longer bootable...but again...he refuses to put in a floppy. He thinks floppy drives are base...old school...outdated whatever.

Anyway...he will be without a working new rig till he can crawl to COMPUSA and ask them to help (because he doesnt wanna listen to me) LOL

....just to elaborate my buddy lives across the country from me, and has 2 machines with working floppy drives in them in the house.

12-24-05, 12:57 PM
Had my latest machine for nearly two years now without a floppy drive (got a card reader in it's place). Never missed it once. Granted I don't tinker with my rig much any more, but that's probably why it still works!

They're unnecessary legacy cruft, they waste space, clutter up the inside of the box with silly ribbon cables (SATA 4tw!). Plus they look suckage, erm... they're old school, out-dated and they're for n00bs (xmasgrin)

More useful for your friend would be a CD writer so he could have made a backup copy of his Windows CD, but I guess it's a bit late for that now (xmastong). Or a mobo with a BIOS that can boot off a CF card.

12-24-05, 01:00 PM
I still use floppies, exellent for flashing BIOSs of various components..running Memtest and other extra-Windows apps. ;)

...then again I AM old-school! :p

12-24-05, 01:10 PM
i havnt had a floppy for more than 2 years now prolly 4...

12-24-05, 01:24 PM
4 years? hmmmmm that would be 2001.

12-24-05, 01:29 PM
I haven't had a floppy since 2003. Don't miss it and will never, EVER use one again.

12-24-05, 01:42 PM
4 years? hmmmmm that would be 2001.
yep :)

12-24-05, 02:00 PM
This rig I built 2 months ago was the first one I ever did without a floppy, so far I dont miss it. But I have to admit I was a little leary and almost threw one in at the last minute of the build hehe. I guess I'm old school but, I forced myself into the 21st century and decided to forgo the floppy madness. (xmastong)

12-24-05, 02:07 PM

Maybe one day I will wean myself off.....Is there a FDA meeting somewhere?

*Floopy Drive Users Anonomous*

-->Noticing the floppy drive users are voting but not posting LOL!

12-24-05, 02:14 PM
got rid of it....and then i found one that also had slots to read memory cards and so i got one....it supports Compact Flash, MicroDrive, MemoryStick, SmartMedia, MultiMedia, and Secure Digital Cards...and it was only $15...


12-24-05, 02:17 PM
I Have an 8 card reader as well.

12-24-05, 02:38 PM
Haven't had a floppy in over 5 years. There are perconfigured DOS boot cd's on the net and making a custom one ain't hard.

Don't miss it one bit.

12-24-05, 04:09 PM
I have one in my new PC only because it came from my last system.(mikec)

12-24-05, 04:12 PM
I can't part with the stupid drive...I try but I keep putting it back

12-24-05, 04:18 PM
The last one I used was an LS-120 and I have to admit, it was pretty cool being able to put 120MB onto a single disk, but then again, I could put 700MB on a CD that cost a HELL of a lot less than an LS120 disk and was still more practical since I could pretty much put that CD in any CD-ROM and it would work, but LS-120s only worked in LS-120s.

12-24-05, 04:28 PM
I do & i use it quite often.

12-24-05, 04:33 PM
I just use CD-RW's in place of floppies now. Nero will make you a bootable CD with no problem and you can squeeze a lot more than one bios and a flashing app on there along with the os and other tools.

12-24-05, 06:13 PM
How do you all manage to load your SATA drivers when installing windows? I need to load mine from floppy, before I can proceed.

12-24-05, 06:54 PM
You can slipstream them right into the XP install disc. There are methods.

Personally I'm just going to get a USB floppy that I can connect easily when I need it and then tuck it away after I'm done.

12-24-05, 07:01 PM
I still use mine pretty often because I transfer things to older PCs to play old games. So yes, I still have one ;)

12-24-05, 08:15 PM
People who don't h4rdw4r3 hax0rz have fewer uses for a floppy drive. I'm booting into BIOS and VBIOS flashes, or MEM86 all the time. At a paltry $10 each, I build machines with floppy except for SFF (because of the limited front bay space).

I even have a 5-1/4 inch floppy for the rare just-in-case scenario, but then I hang out with a lot of OLD timers..

12-24-05, 08:20 PM
Hell no I would never let a Floppy drive touch my machine. For BIOS updates, and for setting up Raid Drivers, I use a USB floppy.

12-24-05, 09:31 PM
USB floppy is still a floppy ;)

12-24-05, 09:40 PM
nope, no floppy here. took mine out went i got my new case about a yr ago. i never really used it, and i was sick of the clutter it made. so out it went.

flashdrives or psp ftw! :D

12-24-05, 10:18 PM
The last time I used a floppy drive was about 2 years ago for a bios flash on my amd system and it stoppped reading halfway through and the board was fuxored floppies are way to unreliable.