View Full Version : Microphone connectors

12-26-05, 12:43 AM
I wanted a headset for my computer for Christmas. Or at least some money to buy a nice 5.1 headset for when I play games. What I got was... less of what I wanted

I recieved a 2.5mm phone microphone, rather than the 3.5mm computer mic

My question is- is there an adapter (cheap) to go from 2.5mm male to 3.5mm male? (In other words, a connector with a 2.5mm female and a 3.5mm male) I've checked around but havn't found much. If it's ganna cost more than 10 bucks it's not worth it, better to just bring back this mic and use the cash to buy a nicer one for the PC. But if I can get an adapter and use it for both my cell phone and computer, I wouldn't argue too much. Anyone out there got any ideas?