View Full Version : Audigy 2 ZS Firewire, anyone get it to work?

12-26-05, 04:40 PM
My bro has one of these cards, and infact he bought it cause he was gonna buy a firewire card, but it would be neat with a real soundcard aswell..
Anyhow, he cant seem to get it to work, it will detect the DV camera about once per 20 tries and stuff like that..
Anyone had any experience with that? any special drivers or some such needed?

12-26-05, 10:31 PM
Mine didn't work with the drivers out of the box, needed the latest updates off the Creative site. Maybe it doesn't have enough power for the DV camera? I remember my iPod wouldn't connect to my PCMCIA firewire port on a laptop due to insufficient power and I got the sporadic connectivity like you experienced. Good luck resolving it. :)

12-27-05, 01:22 AM
If i remember correctly regular firewire uses the IEEE 1394a standard while Audigys use Creatives own SB1394 standard. Creative say that most devices will work with it, but they can not guarantee it.

That said I have never had any problems hooking up iPods and DV cameras to my Audigy2 and when I did a recent reinstall the firewire required no drivers and worked from word go.

I'd wager the camera is one of the few devices that isn't compatible with the SB1394 port, not sure about power draw as I would assume most DV camera wouldn't draw power from the PC and would use its own battery and/or AC charger.

12-27-05, 04:02 AM
Mine works fine with HDDs and DVD drives.

12-27-05, 04:10 AM
Hmm, maybe its just a unlucky incompatiblity then..
It is a pretty old DV camera to start with..
I was thinking perhaps something with the PCI bus, he has a PCI-E mobo, MSI Neo4 F I belive it is.. but the chipset drivers are all there, and the soundcard part of it works fine so..
Dont remember if we tried putting it in another PCI slot, prolly gonna try that aswell, and if that doesnt work i spose we have to get a FW card, not THAT expensive after all...
thanks for the input gents